Happy but scared

Hi all i hope you are well as can be, I have been checking in for a look but up to now have been too tired

to input. The house is coming on great thanks to the BF and my friends but last week i went back to work.

I am learning a totally new job and although only did TUE and THURS for 2.5hrs i was shattered, i am

doing the same day’s but 3.5hrs this week although THURS at 1 i have got an appt at the QE with the

MS Nurses (the scared bit lol). Did i read on here at some point that if you are on Citalopram then you

can’t take some DMD’s, i really can’t remember if i read this but for some reason i think i did.

Any insight as to what the 1st appt will be like is greatly appreciated and advise on citalopram/dmd’s


Thankyou Sonia x

Morning Sonia! No idea about the citalopram but I just wanted to say well done for getting back to work and good luck in your new home! xxjenxx

Good luck with your new job Sonia but make sure you pace yourself! Enjoy your new home! Teresa xx

An MS nurse appointment is absolutely nothing to worry about - their job is to support you. I don’t think there is any chemical reason not to take DMDs and citalopram (ie the two don’t have a bad interaction), but depression is a potential side effect of the interferons so they might not be a good idea for people who take citalopram for depression rather than pain. I hope the appointment goes really well - make sure and take a list of questions and things you’d like help with. And take that return to work SUPER slowly! Karen x

good luck from me too, on your new job.

The MS nurse appointment should help, so no need to worry about it.

Glad the house is sorted for you.

luv Pollx

Thanks Guy’s, it may be a new job but iv’e worked there since july 1992 lol so i’m not a newbie by

any means. I think the depression was down to my dad having the heart attack and the idiots i was living

by so i’m hoping the doc will wean me off these now as dad although still poorly isn’t critical and moving

house has made a world of difference. Work are being more supportive since the meeting with the union

so hopefully i can sustain my job as long as it is slowly whilst starting treatment.

Thanks again sonia x