Happy Birthday Hazel!

Happy Birthday Hazel! (username Hazelwah)

Who would have thought you were that age?! You dont look a day over 45! LOL

Hope to see you before I flee the country!

Pointless going Anon-you will know its me!

Thanks for that E,otherwise H would have gotten away with it.

Happy Birthday Hazel.We hope things have/are went/still going well. Have you been out on the new buggy?

4+5 =9…That’s more like it

Love, S+S xx


I had a sneaky suspicion that you would be the first to reply if u were around!

I know what age she is but am keeping ssshhh otherwise she will tell you what a t*t I made of myself yesterday!!!

E xxx

Hazel, hope you’ve had a lovely day.




Hope yu had a wonderful birthday

Love, Mary ;-)))))

Have a great birthday Hazel.


Hi Hazel,


Sparkly xx

Happy birthday Hazel, hope you have a very nutty day! Chis x

I know Im a day out but a very happy birthday Hazel. I hope its extended and everyone treats you like a queen for the rest of the week.

Take care,



Belated birthday wishes Hazel, hope you had a lovely day!

Jacky x

Happy Birthday Hazel 21…again

Hugs Doris

Happy Birthday Hazel 21…again

Hugs Doris

Happy Birthday Hazel 21…again

Hugs Doris

Thank you everyone, Ellsbells is for it when I catch up with her…

She is very kind not telling you all I have just had one of the big ‘*0’ birthday’s, guess’s on a postcard.

Sorry I missed this post, we have so many things going on just now I have been a bit distracted.

Robert & Mum are buting me a skid-pan session at Knock-Hill…can’t wait, doing all those skids…some controlled, some not …hope my off-road driving stands me in good stead.



Postcard…70 ?

Wb xx

Hope yer wheels fall off……xx

How could you Steve - l hope you drive through some doggydoodah -and mess up your wheels!

[only kidding]