Hand tremors


does anyone suffer from hand tremors? I have been for a few months and it is driving me crazy. My neurologist says that it is from deep within the brain and is extremely difficult to cure. He has put me on Primadone and Myrtasapine, but it doesn’t even seem to have made any difference whatsoever. Any ideas?


No medication for me. I just wait til it passes or move position of limb slightly.

Take care, Ellie.

1 - One hand or both, Trev?

1 - What sort of tremor?
Essential tremor is “low amplitude - high frequency”
Intentional tremor is “High amplitude - low frequency”

Intentional tremor is more common with MS, and I know of no medication that works. Some people find relief when taking Beta-blockers (Atenolol, Propanolol, for example), but they do not work for a lot of people. I personally would not take either of the two that you mention - but if either of them work, let us know.

Geoff (with L-hand intensional tremor)

Both hands Geoff. It’s doing my head in, plus it’s embarrassing when I am in a restaurant cos everyone ends up with my meal. Ha ha