Had second opinion today


I went to see a private neuro today for a second opinion of my symptoms as local hospital had said mri and other tests showed no significant abnormalities.

Today i was told my symtoms were neurological and he felt confident that he would get to the bottom of what was causing them.

He first conducted his neurological tests and when i asked him if they they were ok as id been told many times by my local neuro he said NO, nothing is right with you…

He has yet to look at all of my scans but is much more interested in symptoms.

He did not mention ms by name but did talk about having an LP.

The plan is for him to request my previous scans and then contact me within a couple of weeks.


Take care christine

What did you think of him ?

J x

I liked him very much,if i need to have further tets or scans he will get them done on the nhs for me. He said the spinal cord and brain are involved in what ever is happening to me. I also asked him what if when he ead my scans he found nothing significant his reply was that sometimes an mri does not show up the problem but that does not mean that there isnt one.

Im a litlle frustrated that until this point my local neuro has said all my tests were normal and my symptoms put down to fibro, M.E. thyroid…you name it.

I think h had a condition in mind or is that me reading between the lines and getting it wrong. Im not sure that ms is at the top of his thoughts but he did question me around typical ms symptoms. The problem i have is i dont recall incidents of relapses and im 57 so if it was PPMS would i be alot worse than i am.