Had my cervical spine MRI and there are two "active" lesions?

I had my cervical spine MRI and was told it would take 15 minutes, but then the technician could see something so wanted a doctor to look to see if he should do any further scans. I asked what they could see but they didn’t seem keen to tell me but I was panicking like mad in case it was a tumour as they seemed so cagey!

Anyway, it turns out I have two “active” lesions on my spine. What do they mean by active and how can they tell they’re active?

I suppose they’ll just use this as a marker for comparison purposes rather than to help with diagnosis at the moment?

It means that they were white on the scan done with contrast which helps to detect lesions that are actively forming, ie brand new damage. They also mean that you are relapsing (but then you probably knew that) :frowning: It’s more fully explained in the MRI section of my “beginner’s guide” Sticky. Karen x

Thanks Karen. Does this mean they might be able to now give me a diagnosis on this basis do you think? x

It depends on where you are versus the diagnostic criteria (sorry, I can’t remember). This scan is proof of active inflammation (= 1 attack) and lesions in 1 area typical of MS. Kx

Well I have a positive LP (although awaiting some more results from that) and lesions on my brain MRI (but I’m to sure if it was 2 or more now). My VER was normal. x

Assuming this attack isn’t the first, then it sounds like you meet the criteria, but obviously I can’t be sure and I could be wrong! Kx

When I last saw the consultant (20th Feb) he said he’d see me again in 3 months with the results and to ring him immediately I had any symptoms (which I did but he was out for the whole of March and I was told to ring my GP instead which I did). So I guess I just wait for a letter with an appointment for the end of May x