H Pylori positive and gastritis help please ????

Hi everyone, I have relapsing remitting ms. I recently had a endoscopy and tested positive for H Pylori and I have erythematous/exudative gastritis. I have been treated for the H Pylori by antiobiotics. I have had a test done, that states i am negative now for H Pylori. I am on 80mg of Omeprozole a day and ranitidine 300mg. I have been on 40mg of Omeprozole for about 5 years, dosage has been increased due to findings of the endoscopy above. I have been researching about h pylori and the Usage of Omeprozole etc. I am concerned by the information I am finding, that h pylori can cause other health problems. Also using Omeprozole etc can cause you problems. I am still having problems, but i believe it can take a while to get better. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it thanks.

I had a gastric ulcer earlier this year and my GP prescribed Omeprazole which was effective from the first day. It was thought that the ulcer was caused by overuse of the NSAIDs paracetamol and aspirin as I was tested negative for H pylori.

Although I assume that my ulcer has cleared up my GP still has me on a dose of 10 mg per day.

If you have concerns about Omeprazole you should talk to your GP about them.