Gastritis & MS, is there a link between them?

I was diagnosed with Gastritis last year and still on Ranatidine, does anyone know if there is a link between MS and Gastritis?. I’ve read in plenty of places that Gastritis could be autoimmune related but mainly on discussion forums. I can’t really find any information that says yes or no, my GP is not much help as they don’t really understand MS. I am seeing a neuro consultant soon so will be asking them as well. Any feedback is most welcome, thank you.

Hi Wolfie

I’ve not been diagnosed with gastritis but I do suffer with indigestion. I take lansaprazole 15mg daily for it. Mine started when I had a course of IV steroids but I wasn’t warned this could be a side effect so never thought there was a connection. Following that I lived on painkillers for the best part of a year and ruined my stomach lining. Now I have to be very careful with painkillers as most of them cause stomach pain. So I suppose my heartburn is indirectly caused by my MS.


Hi I too have had this. I complained for 18 months to my gp who would not listen and said I probably had an hernia and there was nothing he could do. Eventually I did get a locus gp to listen and had endoscopy which confirmed it. Basically after asking biopsies, mine was attributed to NSAIDs and steriods. What they failed to tell me us that I too was prescribed lanzoprole and omprazole to correct it, but these can cause problems with b12 absorption. I had a pretty good count at 600’ then retested a few months later and it’s gone down to 380. Gp told me it was fine and was within limits and said it was the same as April 2009’ uh I sighed that’s when I got Dix with ms! I think with MS, B12 is another important vitamin. Helen X

Helen, You are so right - Omeprazole/lazoprazole all deplete B12 - the most important-and the most essential vitamin along with D3 for us with MS.

Vitamin d3 deficiency is connected to all auto-immune diseases many of them digestive - lBS/Crohns/Coeliac - along with ms/parkinsons/17types of cancer/osteo-porosis/osteo arthritis/hypertension. And of course low B12 symptoms mimic MS anyway. Google ‘Could it be B12’ an epidemic of misdiagnosis.

Never take any notice of the gp’s saying ‘lt is within limits’ their limits were ok 100 yrs ago. Be your own ‘expert’ - you can’t take too much B12 as any excess is flushed away. Methlycobalamin sublingual is the one we need not the cyanocobalamin. [contains a minute amount of cyanide]. B12 is needed for energy metabolism - reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Lack of B12 is also now considered to be connected to dementia/altseimers - probably because so many older folk are prescribed the above meds for gastric problems. My mum[89] is on these meds so l do make sure she takes b12.

Hi spacejacket I have ignored my gp and are taking the supplements. As they were not interested I am taking high dose holland and Barrett ones. Also taking feroglobin liquid for my lack of ferritin. Do you know how long it takes to increase the b12 again. I have given up on the omeprozole as I had the gastritis from GPS constantly prescribing 800mg ibruprofen and NSAIDs. Don’t take this anymore too! I am hoping gastritis does repair eventually. Just trying to heal this with eating healthy low acidic foods thanks for any advice