Has anybody been using HBOT please?

If you search this forum for “HBOT”, you will find a wide range of opinions about it.

For me, the only real downside is that the changing pressure can affect the inside of the eyeballs (and with an incipient cataract, I have no wish to provoke it).

My local MS Therapy centre cover some of their running costs by charging local football clubs a “normal” rate for using the Hyperbaric chamber. Ignore the hype, and contact your nearest Centre and talk to them about HBOT.



I have HBOT.

It doesn’t appear to be making a huge difference but possibly I have more energy and my bladder is better behaved. It is unlikely to be doing any harm and as I have SPMS (therfore no meds), what have I to lose?

As Geoff said it is worth contacting your local Therapy Centre to talk it through with them.


P.S. The Therapy Centres provide a range of treatments (e.g. yoga, counselling, physio) besides HBOT as well as social contact so they are worth contacting even if you decide against HBOT.

Yes, lots of people use it. Do you have a more specific question?

Yes i use one just been today they also offer other treatments too and have just had my feet looked at too. i find it helps with more energy for the next few days but its not going to suddenly make you start running around . Phone them up and try it if you don’t like it don’t go again but you might meet some new people to chat too

Take care Katy