what is the name of the scheme where your gp puts you forward for a gym membership?

my gym membership has expired and too skint to renew it.

carole x

Is it gym on prescription? X

Hi Carole The one I got reffered to by my gp was PALS dont know if its the same for where you are, I’m West Yorkshire Sue x

I’ve been referred to a physiotherapist, physically I’m ok but they’ve said its to strengthen my core.

However that was back in July, and I’m still waiting for it to start properly

I can’t remember but it is something like get active, I was referred to be counsellor.

Yeah its get active, they are my local gyms & leisure centres ran by the council

thanks for that

get active - i’ll be asking my gp to refer me.

carole x

In my area (Tayside - spot the imaginative user name!) the scheme is called Active for Life.