Gum disease and MS

Does anyone know of current research in to the possible connection between MS, gum disease and the protein Del-1, as outlined in this paper from the University of Pennsylvania last year ( and referenced here -

i suffer with bleeding gums badly, no matter what i use. very interesting. joy

So do I Joy, and particularly during the period when I was undiagnosed but first getting symptoms.

The studies mention replacing the protein Del-1 in their studies.

I wonder if there is a treatment option here.

Hi Nick, I don’t know anything about the protein thing, but I do know that MS affects gums.

Few years ago there was a paper published about it and my dentist said my gums are always inflamed & it’s MS causing it.

Thanks for posting. Some interesting stuff on that link.

Pat xx

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Hi everyone,

I know that people have thought that MS causes gum disease, but the research paper seems to point somewhat differently, specifically, that gum disease and MS are both caused by the same underlying problem. To quote the paper “We see that two completely different disease entities share a common pathogenic mechanism,”

To me, this would seem to open up new treatment options - does anyone know of any work going on in this area of potential treatment?

Hi nickgoss1. I work in the dental profession and have not been made aware of a link with gum disease… The patients I see and treat with MS have mostly got some form of motor function issue that usually affects their ability to brush thoroughly or use interdental cleaners which are tricky even without numb fingers… The patients I see who have MS but who are still without any compromise in hand coordination don’t appear to have worse gums than the general population. But now it has been mentioned I will take note of this and also ask my colleagues at work to see if there is an increase in patients they treat with MS.

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Thanks Dewdrop … it’s an interesting paper

Hi Snow Leopard

I’d really like to see that paper - do you have a link to it please?

I have badly receded gums and it mostly all happened before my dx. I’ve always thought there was a connection.


Thanks for posting this nickgoss1 - it is very interesting.