You know something? It is not the technical glitches or the lay out of the boards that is putting me off coming here.

It is all the bloody grumbling. :twisted:

This a great new forum, with many good features that ALL other Mesaage Boards take for granted nowadays. Yes, there are some technical errors and I am sure once the holiday is over and the team are back at work it will get sorted. But the board is useful, not that hard to navigate and it is quite fun learning something new.

Give it a few days to bed down, give the New Media Team time to respond to the concerns and develop a little bit of patience. This is like being at a birthday party with spoilt brats. You all get a lovely new present and all you see is the stuff you don’t like and then whinge non-stop.

Well, I am taking a break for a week and hopefully when I return for a look see, most of this bitching willl have stopped and people wil be using the boards for their true purpose again which is giving each other support for MS.

See ya Amigos and I may or may not bother being part of this on my return.

One fed up,

Belinda :evil: