grip problems

I’ve read Barney’s post on well ‘one for the ladies’ but wondered how other people cope with things like getting coins out of a purse, credit cards and the like out of a wallet and retrieving a card from a cash machine. Tying shoe laces. Using scissors, one of the things I can no longer do is turn my electric toothbrush with one hand or find the on/off button on rubber torches. Any advice appreciated, I don’t have a ms nurse to ask. Many thanks Lynn

Hi Tonka,

I personally don’t have MS but am a carer for my mother so write on her behalf! You don’t say whether you are RR stage or progessive… But this grip issue is common with both types of MS. In RR in most cases your grip shoould come back, maybe not as strong as before but it will. Whereas in progressive… I’d advise you do get an MS nurse, or an occupational therapist (OT). They can review your stages of MS and if you need any equipment to make life a little easier for you!

I hope this helps, I don’t think there is anything specific anyone can do to help, thats why I think its important you speak to an MS nurse, maybe some medication could help you? (Not that I’m advising you take more tablets!).

Good luck x x

Hi Lynn,

Just reading your post its like you are describing me! How frustrating it is to have problems with our hands.

I have found that the following works for me…

cash machines:- I feel really vulnerable getting money while in the street. A lot of banks have link cash machines in the building so when feeling a bit slower or cold ( the cold makes my grip worse) I use the ones inside the bank or I get money over the counter and get to speak to a nice cashier! Also cashback in supermarkets works for me too. The card isn’t so difficult to retrieve then.

As far as shoes laces go I now wear £3 daps (plimsoles to anyone outside of Wales!) from Primark with the laces removed. They are easy to slip on the foot with a long handled shoehorn but aren’t all that pretty to look at!

scissors are a problem. I haven’t found an alternative yet…

Small buttons on epuipment have yet to vex me, but there are shops that specialise in products for keeping independance and helping out with simple probems athome. My local one is five miles away from where I live. Maybe google can give you some help in finding a nearby store to you?

The little things in life become huge!

Take care

Asher xx

Hi Lynn]

My shoes are all velcro fastening or slip on. I got rid of anything with rubber soft touch on/off switches (including my old auto injector). If I can’t test it properly in the shop to make sure it’s easy to use, I don’t buy it. I have gadgets to help me grip jars but if my son is around it is much easier to ask him lol. As for buttons, you can get a button hook from your local mobility shop. In fact they sell zip hooks and lots of other helpful aids for people with grip problems.

Tracey x

Managed to get easy open pill bottles after I explained that I had to get my daughter to open the child safety ones. Lol I was diagnosed 10 months ago. No type of ms given just a letter from the neuro confirming ms. There is no ms nurse in my area and sometimes I think it would be great to have one to talk to. I’m slowly getting to know what is out there to help. Thanks for replying Lynn

Hi Lynn,

I also have the issues you mentioned in your original post, due to weakness & lack of fine control / co-ordination on my dominant (…well …not anymore!!!) right-hand side.

Do pretty much everthing that has been mentioned with the left-hand now. Things like writing remain totally beyond my capability - so government forms etc. are often a source of discussion before I can even attempt to provide the answers requested. Some areas are able to accept electronic versions of forms (…I can type very slowly with just my poorer hand), so that’s a big help .

Laces (…or any other process that normally requires two hands) usually require several attempts and lots of swearing!!

I dread drive-up ticket-machines and toll booths as I can’t throw accurately (even short distances) anymore and don’t have the strength of grip to take tickets from machines at entrance to car parks (…such as car parks near hospital entrance …YAAAAYY!!)