Grief from losing someone to ms.

I’m very new to this… On march 29th this year I watched my dad a long time sufferer of PP MS pass away. He suffererd with ms for 20 years originally mis diagnosed with something called Guillain barre syndrome. The first 10 tears after becoming poorly were good he still lived a fairly full life it was the last 10 years that were more difficult resulting in the loss of his eyesight and having to go into a nursing home as he needed 24/7 care being a diabetic didn’t help this either. The reason for writing this is to see if there are any other people that have watched someone they love be ravaged by this insidious disease. I am my dads only child and have never really had anybody truly understand what’s its like to watch your hero fade away. I feel I have been grieving for a very long time and now he’s passed I don’t know what to do…

Hi Rainbowdays, I am very sorry at your sad loss.

I think you should post on the Carer’s board on this forum where you might meet people who have been in similar situation.

Have you thought about bereavement counselling? Your GP would be able to refer you.

Once again, my condolences,

Pat x

Ok will try that forum. Yes that is something I’ve been thinking about. many thanks x

Hello hun.

I am so sorry that you have lost your dear dad…and in such horrible circumstances too.

I hope counselling helps you.

luv Pollx