Great blog on difference btwn chronic' sick & disabled and paralympic athletes (with link)

This is fab and makes the point that I’ve been trying to make (but this is MUCH better than my attempts!) for weeks:

Pat x

What a brilliant piece of work - describing our rapidly evolving histolic chronically sick state - resulting in disability of many of our functiions! Ive saved it, so that when my time or indeed anyone else time to describe our ‘disabled’ state is needed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I hope all msers read it.

Best wishes,



A good article and makes the argument well. Thanks for posting.

what a well written article pat. ive reposted it on face book in the hope someone will read it and repost to get the message across to the powers that be


Wow, that’s excellent, I hope at least some of the press pick up on it ( although I doubt it. ) I also hope the MS Society pay attention to it. This is what they should be doing for us. Thanks for posting.

As above. WCA doesn’t take employability into account at all - surely that’s a realistic inclusion for anything designed to test the capacity for work!

Excellent article maybe one of the newspapers he has sent it to will publish it; but I’m not holding my breath!

Great post, thanks, Pat, this certainly spells it out perfectly. x

An excellent article.