GPs - "Your an MS person? Bye, bye then!"

Hiya all

In my experience a lot of GPs don’t seem bothered with me. Being housebound without help it is a tough one. In Sheffield I did call them out a mighty 3 times in one year - infact this time last year. He seem a bit angry and also when I offered if he would like to touch my side of the torso - that was aching and also numb he said, “No!”

After moving to the Wirral in an attempt for a better life I have used the GPs here several times. I mentioned back in April that my little right finger wasn’t right and hurts. This has been mainly ignored and it seems ok. No xray. Zip. This week it has swollen to twice the size of the left and is also red and itchy.

It also took several visits over a UTI that the bladder nurse gave me. They kept saying “It’s normal to have bits in your urine after ISC. It’s normal to have a burn for a while. It’s ok that your weeping. It’s fine that your urine is cloudy.” It wasn’t until a bladder nurse wrote to a GP that they finally gave me some anitbiotics to clear it up. 3 months!

So my impression from GPs they have little time and certainly alot less for me. I feel I have been written off by them at 42. How about you?


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