Hi all,

I’m about to move to a bungalow as I can no longer climb stairs. my question is this: Is it ok to ask certain questions of potential GP? I’ve been really lucky with my current GP, I get Sativex and LDN on prescription and I’ve heard so much about the postcode lottery Im scared of the change as Im moving from London to Essex, (about 35 miles). Thanks for any opinions. x

Hya, I’m not sure whether you’d get the truth even if you did ask questions.

Try and find and MS group in the area you’re moving to and ask if they can recommend a GP.

It’s quite easy to change GP these days, so you could always sign up to the nearest one and then start asking around if you would like to change.

Pat x

And …
These days, most GP Surgeries have their own website. You can take a look and form an opinion without asking a single question. One that I know of lists the specialities of each of its nurses (by name), and seem rather proud of the team that they have built.
Your assessment must be driven by your own priorities.


Hi, from what I read here and my own experience, it`s a rare GP that prescribes LDN and Sativex, so tread carefully, yeh?

Good luck with the move.

luv Pollx

They should honour any prescriptions that are being prescribed of course they don’t have to take you on in the first place. I would take a trip to register at your nearest GP and see what the registration form is like and what they ask? You will need a repeat prescription and have to have a meeting with your new GP quite quickly so ask the receptionist and get them on side first. The key to any surgery is the receptionist!!

Perhaps you could ask your current GP to speak to your future one and stress the importance of these medications. No idea if it will work, but can’t hurt to ask.