GP in SS6

Hi all,

Finally moved into bungalow in Rayleigh as could no longer make the stairs in previous house. Mixed feelings about moving cos previous GP was great prescribing LDN on NH and whatever I needed MS wise, as well as Sativex if I felt like I needed it. (Juries still out on that one!!) Can anyone recommend a GP local to Rayleigh who is accomodating to our needs? Thanks. Steve x

Can you not still stay with your previous GP. Seems a shame to change when you found one who is so accomodating. l think that once you are on these meds - a have a good chance of staying on them. l was prescribed Sativex [gp/neuro] then the senior partner in the team put her foot down [ or in it] and said l could not have it. lt was my district nurse who went and enquired at the other medical centre in the village - and asked if it was right that l should be denied something that l had been on for 2yrs - and had benifitted from. The ‘other’ gp - printed me off a document - that showed that l was entitled to still be prescribed it - and that they had not right to stop me. Shall have a hunt in my drawers - see if l can find the said document. Might be worth asking the question first - check them out - ask if you can remain on the same meds. Sativex is licensed for ms use after all - and LDN - will soon be catching up.

Forgot to say - that l did change to the other GP practise - and have not had any trouble getting the Sativex.

Thanks spacejacket. Ive moved about 30 miles so staying at my old GPs is impractible, and I believe you are supposed to be with a local surgery. I can stay at my hospital but different rules apply apparently! Thanks for the advice, I will take that onboard and question before I sign up!