GP vs Neurologist

Hi Ive been having symtpms since January. Numbness, tingling, fatigue, eye pain. My GP suspects MS and referred me to the neurologist. I had my appointment with the neurologist and can say i was fairly underwhelmed. He only had my drs letter and an a4 peice of paper to go on. Hardly asked me any questions about my history or symtpoms. Did an examination, and said its propably chronic migraine - despite having had no headaches for months. Sent me away advising me to cut out painkiller and caffiene (which i had done already). Follow this advice for a month, then take an antidepressant, amitryptaline, for 2-3 months. Then if i didn’t improve to ask to see him again thru the GP. The letter that just arrived at the GP. However yesterday i collapsed, legs completely went, i was numb and tingling all over and couldnt stand up unaided. Ambulance took me to A&E where the Dr there was most confused as to why i was taking amitrypaline and said to go back to my GP as soon as possible and query the medication and diagnosis. As my vitals were ok, they sent me home, despite me not being able to bear my own weight. Im now using 2 crutches to get round in the house. Im still like this, and seem to be worse since the weather got warmer. I was wondering if this is standard practice for the neurologist to be vague and what seems to me take the cheaper option- tablets are obviously cheaper than an MRI. And does anyone else get worse when they are hot? or is it just me having hot flushes? thanks

And forgot to mention that i also mentioned to the neurolgist that i was only going for a wee 2-3 times a day despite drinking virtually constantly through the day. He just said to drink more fluids. Which i have done and its still not helping. Is this a symptom of MS ive not heard of?


I would definitley get back to your GP and ask for another referral. Explain to them what happened when you ended up in A&E and see if he can make a suggestion to the neuro to have an MRI carried out - if your losing the use of your legs i think it should be warranted. Neuro’s tend to be vauge in most things…until they are 100% sure on things.

Not sure about the amitriptyline, i know it is used in MS as a nerve pain drug but not sure of it’s use in migranes - i would bring this up with your GP also. I do get worse in hot weather , but then i have never tolerated heat well even before my symptoms started!

Get in to see the GP asap and let us know how things go, hope you feel better soon.

Laura :slight_smile:

I would go back to your gp too for another referral if your legs went. Amitryptilline is used as a preventative for chronic migraine so not always depression. X

Hi ya, I think another appt with your GP is definitely needed to tell him everything you’ve told us, including the issues you have with your bladder (you can also self refer to your local Continence Clinic). Amitriptyline is commonly used for neuropathic pain and I think (?) it can be used for migraines, although don’t quote me on that. Best to check with your doc me thinks, and about the dosage you’re on. Neuro’s can be a bit on the vague side I’m afraid, they (generally) won’t commit to anything until they can dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I’m heat intolerant; when humidity levels are high my symptoms are tenfold, it completely wipes me out (extreme coldness can also exacerbate them too). The sun itself though, I can sit in til the cows come home. Try to stay as cool as possible; lightweight clothes, keep hydrated, use fans etc, anything to help keep your body temperature down. I hope you start feeling better soon, good luck. Let us know how you get on. Debbie xx

Grrrrr, from my own unsatisfactory experience with neurologist and reading about yours and so many others it seems that most of these particular so called health professionals are useless! Ask your GP to refer you to a neuro who specialises in MS. Good luck x