GP vs Neurologist

Hi Ive been having symtpms since January. Numbness, tingling, fatigue, eye pain. My GP suspects MS and referred me to the neurologist. I had my appointment with the neurologist and can say i was fairly underwhelmed. He only had my drs letter and an a4 peice of paper to go on. Hardly asked me any questions about my history or symtpoms. Did an examination, and said its propably chronic migraine - despite having had no headaches for months. Sent me away advising me to cut out painkiller and caffiene (which i had done already). Follow this advice for a month, then take an antidepressant, amitryptaline, for 2-3 months. Then if i didn’t improve to ask to see him again thru the GP. The letter that just arrived at the GP. However yesterday i collapsed, legs completely went, i was numb and tingling all over and couldnt stand up unaided. Im still like this, and seem to be worse since the weather got warmer. I was wondering if this is standard practice for the neurologist to be vague and what seems to me take the cheaper option- tablets are obviously cheaper than an MRI. And does anyone else get worse when they are hot? or is it just me having hot flushes? thanks