GP Changed his mind

Hi Guys have been told today that my GP hasnt done the referal to nuro, has changed his mind and nw wants to see me to refer me to orthopedics. So upset by this as ive already been told by the ortho guys at the hospital that its nuro.

What reason has your gp given for changing his mind Mac, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi Blossom, he just said after reflextion he’s not convinced we should go down the nuro route but to look at ortho, but as i said earlier ive already been told by the ortho guy at the hospital he thinks is nuro, im at a loss now what to do, had a bad night, all i want is some answers to hy im having these symptoms.

Hello Mac

With all due respect to your gp. Its not for him to change his mind. Go back and inform him again what the ortho has said and insist that you see neuro.

I would be inclined to believe what the ortho has said over your gp. I have ideas what you could do next but would prefer you to try this first and see how your gp responds.

Be assertive Mac…its your body…your life

Good luck xxx

In fact Mac!! thinking about it. When you talk to your gp. If he does start getting awkward about referring you to neuro, start saying you’ll consider going private. Saying also that you won’t be happy if it turns out to be neurological and you could have found out under the NHS. Doc will see COMPLAINT flashing in his head. x

Hi Blossom. Thanks again for your advice as always its good, i must say that i had to see a guy about my foot pain today at the diabetic clinic and he has said i need to see nuro so when i see my GP on thursday im going to insist he refers me. xx

Hi Guys seen a different GP today and he wrote the referal in front of me to nuro