Food for thought

After suffering from horrible experiences with my previous two surgeries and suffering from hate and bullying I decided too change GPs again.

This time I chose an Asian only GP practice too prevent a repeat of the previous experiences having my hopes high and smiling I have made an informed decision.

This GP of mine came across as a promising and a caring young GP who had my best interests at heart. After a couple of appointments I'm all jolly and really happy about the way the GP has been dealing with me besides one issue which I will not detail. It was and is a small hurdle which is easy to overcome.

Symptoms flare up I pop along to the GP and ask him why had my neurology referral letter been cancelled to which he replied "I do not find any evidence that would warrant a refferal to a neurologist."

I burst out frustratingly have you even been through my medical records? GP "Yes, calm down I have but there are so many pages I might have missed something" I ask the GP what would he do if I presented him documented letters that would support a referral to neurology, "I will get one done straight away"

I rebook an appointment after going through my medical records taking out information which he might find of interest. Upon reading through the letters he starts bashing my previous neuros for failing to take into consideration my diagnosed conditions and he would make a referral immediately detailing everything, making sure I get seen by a specialist because he certainly felt the conditions were as a result of ms or another demyelinating disease.

I asked him, how could I go away from this appointment knowing that I am in good hands and should not consider changing to another surgery. "As a fellow muslim I would not do this with you, I swear to god. I promise"

He convinced me he had my best interests and I left the appointment feeling happy again. Back at home like always I made notes on how the appointment went and was reflecting on whether I was in good hands? whilst I was making notes about the appointment and reflecting on what was discussed at the appointment it then dawned on me that this GP is also a racist/biased if he only has muslims best interests at heart how could this man possibly be a great GP and have patients best interests at his heart.

This paints a picture to me that if I was not a muslim I would probably not even be seen or be treated with dignity and respect. After requesting a copy of the referral letter he sent to neurology I ended up cancelling my neurology referral.

I am not going to give up just yet, I am sick and tired of these Jekyll and Hyde muppets who are supposed to have our best interests at heart. Instead they are just contempt with making out lives a misery.

I guess it's easy to be wise after the event.

I think you just cut off your nose to spite your face!  Do you actually want to see a neuro, or are you just happy wasting a whole lot of NHS time?

And money…

You say alot in your post but strangely for on here do not mention any troubling symptoms at all.

Why is it you went to so much trouble to get a neuro appt and then cancelled what many of us pray to be in our post...I often found myself waiting for the postman to come only to be disappointed that no appt had come again.

Was it the content of the referral letter that made you think it was pointless to follow through?

Pip           I have no problem with showing my identity 

Unless I'm missing something here, I can't fathom out why you've cancelled your referral either? 

I can't work out what could possibly be in that letter that would make you want to do that?

Without knowing the whole story it's very hard to understand.

If your GP thinks a referral to a neuro is the way forward to investigate your symptoms then maybe you should reconsider?











Not sure why you would cancel the Neuro appointment you so wanted? People are here and waiting to be referred to a Neuro and not getting anywhere with their GP, or waiting stupid lengths of time for an app, so feel really disappointed that you cancelled. Maybe your symptoms are less now or are you worried about a possible diagnosis? Whatever it is, I personally think you have made a wrong move to cancel the appointment, as your GP doesnt refer you for no reason, and would urge you to think again.


Another one that can’t understand why you cancelled. What is it you actually want to come out of it? Surely if you have symptoms bad enough to warrant a refferal then the GP must believe there is something.

I`ve just had a referral refused, so I wish I had your appointment.


No wonder you are 'anonymous'...


I think we've chatted a few times on here before, although I won't venture to guess who you are - partly to avoid blowing your anonymity, but partly because I may be wrong anyway.

I did think, on reading your post, that neither your nor your GP's faith should have anything whatsoever to do with it!

I thought it was unethical of him to even mention that.

But then again, you do mention having specifically chosen an all-Asian practice; presumably so you would be dealt with by persons of the same race and/or faith as yourself?

So perhaps, picking up on that preference, he was simply seeking to reassure you?

I don't think it automatically implies he would treat a non-Muslim patient less well, but I just think it's a bit unprofessional on his part.  You wouldn't expect a doctor to indicate whether they support the same political party as you, or whether they have the same sexual orientation, so why would they need to disclose their faith?  Shared faith isn't any greater guarantee of competence, anyway.  I'm sure there must be good AND bad Muslim doctors, just as there are good and bad of other faiths, or no faith at all.

But it's a pity you cancelled the neuro appt.  After all, once you've made it to the neuro, any reservations about the GP become largely irrelevant, as they're only acting as gatekeeper.  In the pecking-order, what the neuro does or thinks is going to have a lot more bearing on the practical outcome for you, than the personal quirks of whoever referred you.  Frankly, if the doctor's Coco the Clown, but they refer you to a consultant who really knows their stuff, it shouldn't really matter.  Better to have a questionable GP but a decent consultant than the other way round, I'd say.

Anyway, too late, I guess, as you've already cancelled now.  And you may find you cannot now see that neuro, even under a referral from a different GP, as they will wonder why you rejected your appointment the first time.

If that should happen, I can only suggest you eat humble pie, and say you panicked a bit, and didn't want to go ahead with the appointment, but now you've had a chance to think about it, you realise it's for the best.  This is provided you didn't reject the appointment by means of an expletive laden letter or phone-call, of course.  As long as you have not been rude, you may still be able to salvage something from the situation, and put it down to a momentary loss of nerve.

If you ARE the person who has posted several times before, I meant to reply to you before about the racism allegations.

Obviously, I don't know what form the perceived racism took, and I don't expect you to recite it all here.

But I just thought it worth mentioning that race/ethnicity IS a factor in the development of some diseases, so the mere fact race is mentioned isn't ALWAYS discriminatory, or a medical irrelevance.

For example, my ethnic origins place me at greatly increased risk of breast cancer.  This was of no relevance as far as investigations for MS were concerned (no greater risk than Joe Average), but IF the suspicion arose that I might have breast cancer, my ethnicity would suddenly become very relevant indeed, and I wouldn't consider it "racism" if it was referred to in the notes.  On the contrary, I'd be pointing it out to the doctor, and making sure it was noted I'm in a "high risk" group.

I think Asian ethnicity similarly confers higher risks of certain conditions.  In fact, I think ALL races have got higher risk of something, so a patient's ethnic background IS something a good doctor should take into account, when considering what is or isn't likely.





Oh dear. I know the person who posted this and the aggressive replies are absolutely and utterly WRONG. This person has very real and disabling symptoms but has struggled to get anywhere with multiple neuros and GPs. If some of this had been put in the original post, then I'm sure you would have tempered your responses, BUT it shouldn't have to be. Asking for more info so to understand? Perfectly understandable. Being nasty? Plain wrong. Being nasty anonymously? Disgusting.





I don’t think most people were being nasty as such. It there is a lot of frustration. As you say the poster hasn’t put all the information so (to me at least) it seems like they have got fed up with the GP ( like many of us) been given the chance of a second opinion then cancelled it.
When so many people are waiting for an appointment you can see why people got upset by the post.
As you say Karen we don’t have the full story and from what you say the poster has had a terrible time. I really hope it gets sorted soon for them.
I hope you don’t think I was nasty and that this has come across as I meant it to be.

I too hope the poster doesnt think I was being nasty as it was never my intention to upset or offend anyone. I was just wondering  why someone would cancel a neuro app that they have fought so hard for. I too hope it gets sorted for them, and I really do hope they reschedule their appointment as it is so important to get to the bottom of what is happening to them. Please accept my apologies if I have offended anyone and I certainly didnt mean to :(

If all the information was not posted in the first place then maybe it should have been so there is no confusion. I don't think people were being nasty either. As already mentioned, people are struggling to get neuro appointments.

To say it's 'disgusting' is really a bit harsh I think.

I have been very humble and will continue to be humble. If my last neurologist told me I'm making up diagnosis of certain conditions and they can't go on a patients word they would need my GP to clarify whether I have been diagnosed or not.

Why should I attend and then be questioned if my conditions are all made up? Interestingly enough I got a call today and will be seeing my GP and he will be ammeding his letter. It's been a long overdue that I stood up for myself and will continue fighting and those doubting that I will never get to see a neurologist again keep on dreaming.

Keep up the nasty comments only makes me stronger and more determined. The GP who was stupid enough to be racist and documented it in his referral letters is a coward like most you of you internet thugs. When I went to see him because he wanted to reach an amicable resolution, he did not have the audacity to say or repeat what he wrote about me.

It's funny the big NHS posters abuse of any kind will not be tolerated against the staff, but it's okay to abuse patients.

If you want to sit around dreaming about a neurology appointment rather than getting of yout laurels and doing something about it, then kudos too you for not getting an appointment.

Bring it on haters :)


Apologies accepted from the people who did not mean to come across nasty, but those that still want to hate :)

I think the terms 'disgusting', 'internet thugs' and 'cowards' and 'haters' are a little strong.  Many people on this forum are anxious, frustrated, frightened and/or upset, and the difficulty attaining a referral can be a real problem for some, not to mention the extremely long wait for appointments, and the seemingly endlessly rude and belittling medical staff many have to battle against in order just to be heard.  I imagine the posters of the above comments meant no direct offence, but were probably incredulous and infuriated, especially without knowing facts that have since been shared with us.  Many people on here would give their eye teeth for a referral, and not getting one is nothing to do with being lazy, cowardly, or not ill enough.

Anyone who thinks that the word "disgusting" does not apply to the anonymous replies made immediately after the initial post clearly has a different interpretation to me. Going anonymous to be nasty to someone is a misuse of the anon function. It is cowardly, nasty and, to me at least, disgusting misuse of this forum.

"Do unto others" clearly does not mean a lot to that individual. I hope they are feeling ashamed of themselves.


Anon I find your second post quite aggressive, most people here do want to help or get help.
I am just starting off with the whole process (I’ve just seen a neuro who could have won gold if short appointments were an Olympic sport!) you sound like you have been on this road for a long time and could help some of us newbies.
No one here are thugs or haters we just want help and advice just as you do.
I really hope you can find a good neuro.


I think you just cut off your nose to spite your face! Do you actually want to see a neuro, or are you just happy wasting a whole lot of NHS time?

[/quote] And money? I haven’t wasted any NHS time or money on the contrary it’s the consultants and GPs who are incompetent in doing a thorough job. This results in having to be referred again and again wasting time and money. A competent neurologist will know that if they took the time to go through a persons medical records which they have present on the desktop and read what conditions have been diagnosed and whether or not I am making things up. As one Ophthalmologist said is the neurologist you are currently stupid, if you go to the O section of the medical records they will see all my diagnosed conditions Bilateral Optic Neuritis, Retrobulbar Optic Nueritis, Nystagmus, INO, RAPD If you still want too hate your choice :slight_smile: