May i ask a question.

I had a distressing time when i saw nuro last time and as far as iam concerned rude , i will be hopefully seeing my doctor tomorrow .Do i ask about being referred to different nuro ? Do i just not mention it and let the referral from urology go ahead as have had diagnosis of disk bulg and incontinence since i last saw the nuro ,

Any advice will be much appreciated .


Yes, yes, yes…I won’t bore you with the whole story but I, too, had an awful first neuro…asked my GP to re refer and OMG,what a completely different experience. I am soooo relieved and pleased to have him on side. It has made a huge difference psychologically too. Xx

The problem i have Mrs H is the said nuro works in my local hospital , Urology have referred me back to him , i explained to uro consultant about my experience with nuro who said he would refer me to top hospital in central london if i got no joy and was dismissed or discharged again but guess who works in the hospital too , yes same nuro .

TY Mrs H for your reply x

P.S wouldnt a new nuro ask why i didnt see nuro who i had previously saw ?

Is there not more than one neuro in the department…there’s about a dozen in my neuro dept. and no, he hasn’t asked. I guess it’s either obvious or they just assume that for whatever reason, you just didn’t establish a rapport !!

Ty so much for your reply Mrs H , feeling that i may at last hopefully find a nuro to listen x

I saw a neuro where I worked who was terrible then got referred to a general neuro who I was quite honest with who referred me to an MS specialist. In my case it wasn’t the neuro’s knowledge I had an issue with, it was his bedside manners. I even said I wasn’t disputing his findings just I wans’t getting any help with my symptoms. So in my case honesty worked best.