Who these doctors think they are!!!!!!!!

Had my first nero appointment yesterday and omg how rude can somebody be, he had’nt even read my referal or looked at my scan, treated me awfully i had wrote everything thing down before going in and found he didnt give me the time to read it rushed me through and i was fumbleing my words was very inpatient with me and made me very nervous i was shaking as he was near me made me feel very uncomfortable hit me abit to hard with his club he was very ruff with me.

I came out of there feeling worse then going in i thought that it would give me answers but got nothing said he was doubtful it was ms as i had only 1 leision and my symptons were not common with ms when i know they are i have read it on here.

Its not that i want it but he just said he dont know what it could be, he did mention having a lumbar punture but said it was very evasive but i said id rather have it to know for sure he then said well i suppose that would be the quickest way to findout.

He said at end he would look at my scan with a collegue but that may be some time somebody on here said he was dry but he was a ar***ole cant beleive people go into a profeshion thats ment to care for people when they are so cold and self centred.

Sorry about my spelling there is no spell checker, I am so mad at him i had to go shopping afterwards and spent alot of money i havent got i should send him the bill.

Awww Mel x so sorry you had the neuro from hell x It’s not on!!

To a certain extent I can understand that to them it’s just another day - just another patient - they have seen it all before so many times - that to them it’s routine and they need to get it over with and the next one in!!

But to us - they are our lifeline - they are the ones that we put all our faith in - hoping that they will help us get our lives back on track!!

People wait so long for those few precious minutes with these people - for the chance to explain and get some understanding and some help x

All I can say is that hopefully the LP will give more information for you xxxxjenxxxxx

PS hope you bought something lush!! Compensation I call it xxxx

Sorry your neuro was so rubbish, a lot of people on here have bad experiences with their neuros. As you say, why do the job in the first place if you don’t care about the people involved? Lol, you should send him your shopping bill! He would get a shock! Hope you get some answers soon. Teresa xx

aww Hun so sorry to hear you were treated in this way…it’s not on …alas many neuros people skills are lacking which isn’t right and lets hope you get that LP…and some answers too…it annoys me that if patients don’t fit into little boxes re diagnosis they don’t seem keen to find out what is going on and why…that’s not what medicine is about…even so he needs to do some tests…so fingers crossed things will move closer for you…let us know how you get on. iamawauring a neuro appt too and dreading it…lol em x


dont let him get you down because you’re just wasting valuable time on someone who isnt worth it. your story gets told over and over again on here and its apalling that some have no bedside manner. like someone on here said the other day “expect nothing and you wont be disapointed” which is harsh but i have to protect myself from people like him who destroy our faith in the profession and leave us humiliated and upset.

lots of love and best wishes

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxx

after all it would only take a few kind words from them to help us to deal with it.

too much to ask for obviously!

yes i am quite bitter, it comes from experience.


Hi Mel and (((hugs))) 'cos it sounds like you need it

I’m sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience, as others have said, try not to let it get to you - easier said than done I know - but at the end of the day it’s only gonna make you feel worse. It already has.

A lot of doctors seem to lack a good bedside manner for some reason but I’ve still yet to work out why?! Thankfully though they’re not all like it.

I felt the same way as you do now - I wanted to know as soon as possible what was wrong. My scan and all the tests pointed towards ms and an LP comfirmed it. It is an invasive procedure but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Keep in mind though that a negative result doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not ms. That said, there are lots of things that have similar symptoms to ms too…it’s a minefield

All things dangly crossed that the lp sheds a bit more light on things for you

Debbie xx

Hi Mel hugs and sympathies

I know what you’re going through as I have the neuro from hell too. My symptoms started in Oct last year and the neuro reg sent me for bloods, EMG and MRI spine and brain. I was reviewd by the consultant in december who said I had a few extra spots on my MRI and he couldn’t say if it is or isn’t MS but quite unlikely. He then pretty much implied it was all stress related and too ignore evn though my other half stated I’m stressed a normal amount as most people in this situation would be. He then said if my symptoms didn’t improve or get worse I could request an LP or EVP (talk about confusing). Anyway was seen again in march and again he just said I had to get on with it. That I’d had an episode of spinal inflammation but I needed to just forget even though I still had symptoms. When I psuhed he then almost threateningly said well do you want to be catheterised! He then sent me off and said he’d repeat a brain MRI and said an LP or EVP would not add anything (strange when he offered me this at my last appointment if things weren’t getting better).

I’m waiting for my MRI next week and am weighing up whether to seek a second opinion now. I’d say get your LP done keep a copy of everything you can get your hands on. It may or may not be MS but if you continue to feel like you’re not being heard then I would look for another opinion. Medical professionals are meant to make you feel relaxed not intimidate you. Hang in there.



Hi Mel,

I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience - it destroys your confidence in the Neuro doesn’t it?

My Neuro is actually quite good, but last time I saw him, I went in & he straightaway said “I don’t have any answers for you”. I thought that was odd, as I hadn’t had any recent tests for which I was awaiting results, and I hadn’t even asked him anything at that point!

When I came out, I wondered why he had been a bit ‘dismissive’. Then I realised that the patient directly before me had been in a wheelchair and visibly very much affected by MS disability. I guess that the contrast between her and then me walking in unaided was quite stark, so I sort of understood where he may have been coming from.

However, I think they should realise that we are living with pain, fatigue, numbness, the inability to get about like we used to etc., all of which is totally invisible to him in an appointment room. They should remember that they are our ‘lifeline’ for help in this maze.

Feeling for you & do help the LP gives you some answers.

Bren x

Hi, Guys just come back from weekend away and all your words of support has really helped I’m not as angry as when i wrote it, and hopefully will get lp overt with soon.

xxxxx thanks mel xxxxx