My first neurology appointment

I left in tears.  :( 

It's not the neurologist's fault.  He was kind and listened to me.  He did a quick exam and said that there is nothing to indicate any neurological disease.  He is sending me for an MRI, but was quick to point out that white matter is found on MRI scans all the time and it rarely means anything. 

Basically, he said he'll order the MRI and alert my GP.  It will take 4 - 6 months to get an MRI. 

I KNEW this going in, so why I was so upset when I left, I have no idea.  I didn't go in with any expectations -- I KNEW I wasn't going to have any answers on my first visit. That would be ridiculous.  And it's not like he sent me away making me feel like I was just being silly.  He was matter of fact, but nice. 

Why the heck did I get upset? I feel quite silly, but I can be honest here -- I cried.  Dumb? Yes, a little bit.  I guess I just got overwhelmed. 

Hiya...sorry you left feeling that way.

I would imagine your feelings are based on him appearing dismissive even if done in a good way.

I dont know your story but if you knew there was something wrong enough to warrant a neuro referral,even if sub consiously you wanted something concrete from him.

You also know that there is a long stretch of limbo before you---and I guess you have already been there a while. At least you are getting a scan,so the dx route is starting.

All I can suggest is being pleased you have got a nice neuro as they are hard to find,continue with your recording of symptoms and get your gp to give you any symptom relieving meds you may need while you wait.

Then the hardest bit is to try and get on with life the best you can,without the constant have I got ms question filling your every waking thought...hard/impossible I'm not sure but dont let it take over if you can

Be kind to yourself today


Sounds very disappointing when you are hoping for speedy answers. From reading many posts it seems like a lot if not most go through this before eventually getting answers some way down the track. Frusrating and upsetting for you, even if you were kind of expecting it. Be nice to yourself today. Give yourself a hug and a treat. We’re all with you.

Claire x

Sorry that it didn't go as you hoped. I can't imagine how on earth an MRI scan waiting list could be so long, so hopefully you won't have too long to wait until you get more info.

Karen x

So sorry it didnt go well. Like pip says at least he is sending you for a scan so he hasnt totally dismissed you.

I cant help wondering if neuros are seeing an increase in people worried about MS since Jack Osbourne was diagnosed and are fobbing people off.

Take care


Hi Heather x don't beat yourself up - I'm crying now after every single doctors appointment or test - even a blood test!!!

I'm just finding every little bit of this whole thing rather daunting xxxxjenxxxx

aww sorry to hear about today. once you get your MRI appt do ring them up and say you would be happy to takes cancellation at short notice…they don’t like to waste the slots so let them know on that…could make a diff.
I felta bit same after my first neuro appt…although he didn’t give me any indications on anything and wasn’t very open during the exam or after…just said I could have something going on…which wasn’t very helpful …even so I wanted Him to take his time and review me history past probs and present also…and I don’t think he could do that after seeing me and my recent brain MRI and previous neck MRI from 18 mths ago…I didn’t want to put him on the spot either…