Got a phone call

so was sat in the car on way back home from macdonalds and I got a call from the appointment people at the hospital asking if I could come in on 9th December and see the high up dr called professor. His secretary emailed them and said to ring me and get me to come in. Me and my hubby think he’s playing catch up as he’s behind.

Finally glad I’m seeing him and getting a diagnosis. I am goin to be on my own though as hubby has got something planned which has been planned for ages so I’m ok with that. I could be told it’s nothing major and be in there for half an hour but as before appointments are anything to go by I could be in there for a couple of hours.

Hi Donna, It would still be a good idea to ask a friend to go with you to the appointment. This is because there is often a lot of technical stuff which is difficult to take in all at once. Having someone else there means that you’re less likely to miss something important and to remind you about any questions you have. Best wishes, Anthony

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It’s ok now my husband will be there after all

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Hi Donna

I’m very pleased that you now have an appointment to find out all the results.

Anthony is right though, if there is anyone else who you trust and who knows you well, it’s always a good idea to have a second pair of ears to listen and remember what’s said.

I call it neurologistitis - you go to an appointment having all the things you want to say clear in your head, but then forget to say the most important things. You follow all the conversation clearly and absolutely ‘know’ you’ll remember everything that’s said. Then walk out of the consulting room and ask, ‘what just happened?’ And ‘what happens next, did he say?’

If you are going alone, write down everything you want to say and ask. And don’t feel shy about getting your list out. Ask questions, if you don’t understand anything, ask for clarification. If your doctor mentions a drug that you don’t recognise the name of, write it down because there’s no way you’ll remember it later.

Assuming you are given a clear MS diagnosis, don’t forget to ask about disease modifying drugs and an MS nurse.

Good luck. And don’t worry too much over the next month. It just seems like another wait piled on top of more waiting!


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Yeah I’m glad my hubby will be there. After being put on another tablet cos the steroids didn’t get rid of the main problem I’ve still got all the other symptoms. When I went last month I read out a list of symptoms that I had and it just felt like the dr didn’t want to know.

My dr at the medical centre doesn’t think that the stabbing pain in my right knee isn’t connected to MS even tho my mri scans came back clear. Something is causing it. And I have excruciating pain in my lower back. When I had the lumber puncture the woman who did it said my back is like concrete and asked if I was a builder which made me wonder aswell. Something has to be causing the pain. I’m actually starting to think could it be fibromyalgia and not MS.

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