Good Neurologist in Glasgow?

Hi Folks…

I’ve suspected for a long time that I have MS symptoms. The pain and discomfort in my feet, right hand and arm has forced me to take some time off work, so I’m desperate to finally get a diagnosis and treatment. I’ve been to see my GP and he’s advised me I have to be referred to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon first before they can refer me onto a Neurologist?? Initially the pain was in my hand and wrist (my GP suspected Carpal Tunnel) the pains now spread to my feet. There is a long waiting list for this - so I’ve decided to go private instead.

I live in Cambuslang. Is there a Neurologist that anyone would recommend locally or in the Glasgow area? I can’t seem to find a Neurologist nearby that specialises in MS. I was hoping to go private for my initial appointment and then see the same Neurologist on the NHS for any further treatment.

Do most people go private to get your first Neurologist appointment, rather than waiting months?

Sorry for all the questions. I feel as if I’m getting nowhere at the moment. Any advice would be so appreciated.

Many thanks! :O)

Hey Yellowsun, if you are desperated to know what is happening to you and are lucky enough to have the finance to see a private neurologist, I would personally do so. If you have the means to take care of your health rapidly, why waiting? My humble personal opinion. In any cases, all the best and take care :slight_smile:

Hi, Yellowsun, I am in Glasgow too, I was referred to Neurology last year by my GP, It didn’t take very long to get the appointment at the new hospital. I think most of them do private clinics so find out before you book. I am sorry I can’t recommend a good neurologist for you but I would certainly stick to your plan of finding one even if you have to travel. My first appointment was last October, since then I have had 3 MRI scans and a lumbar puncture, I have had no feedback from the hospital what so ever, nobody has explained what is showing on my scans. I had one phone call in January from the Neurologist telling me my LP was negative, this was a returned call as I had phoned them myself to see if I could find out anything. I feel communication is important since stressing makes symptoms so much worse. At least if you’re a paying customer you won’t feel reluctant to find out what is going on behind the scenes.

I had a frozen shoulder 2/3 years ago and was being seen by Orthopaedics, when he was looking at my shoulder MRI he pondered for a while then said he was referring me to rheumatology, so the journey continues! I’ve got my second appointment (and probably my final one) with neurology on Monday, I’m expecting to be told there is nothing wrong with me and be discharged after waiting since October for MRI results.

Good luck with everything


Hi Yellowsun

I am in Stirling, i got diagnosed with RRMS in 2013, i didnt have to wait long to see the Neurologist, infact i am going back for a review in 8-10weeks as i have just had a Relapse, which i didnt know was a relapse as my walking and balance was off, been put on a high dose of steroids to reverse my symptoms then hopefully nreturn to work and normality will resume… Hope you get the answers you are wanting, Best of luck x

Sharon x