Good lesson learned

Hi everyone,

What I thought was the MS hug I’d been suffering from just lately, turned out to be gall stones. Had my gall bladder removed yesterday and have to go back next week to have a camera down to find a stone that escaped, not looking forward to that!

Anyway I’ve learnt not to blame everything on my MS

Hope you’re all doing ok

Jane X

Hello Jane.

I hope the forthcoming procedure is as good as it can be.

Yes, sometimes we have to remember we are prone to other conditions. I have the usual high blood pressure and a history of family strokes. Personally I’m still going to blame MS for everything. It’s done its best to deprive us of a “normal” life so it’s always going to be the standard target of my ranting.

Best wishes.

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fingers crossed that the procedure is ok or not too bad.

I once thought my MS was turning me blind, but it was a painless migraine which went almost as fast as it appeared. It is very easy to assume whatever is happening is due to MS.

All the best


Hello Jane it just shows that we shouldn’t assume that it’s ms related , I hope that you feel better soon . Michelle and Frazer xx