A lesson learnt

Hi Everyone. I’ve just had a telling off and learn a new lesson. I must not blame everything on MS. For a few weeks I’ve felt a bit weary, breathless and had palpitations which I’ve blamed on fatigue, heat and humidity. I saw my pharmacist who wanted to review my meds and she wasn’t happy with my heart rate and spoke to my gp. I got a phone call requesting I go in for blood tests which I duly did and a few hours later was summoned back to the gp as I was severely anaemic and spent the night in hospital getting a blood transfusion. Not ideal.

I feel like a new (slightly stupid) woman but I definitely won’t just blame everything on the ms any more, if I feel unwell again I’ll see someone and just wanted to warn you not to be as daft as me. Take care.

Cath xx

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Oh Cath what a shock for you, cyber hugs and a bar of choccy to you,glad you feel better, great that the pharmacist and Doctor were so quick to act. Not stupid Cath just so use to pain ,discomfort and fatigue it’s almost impossible to think it maybe some other illness going on, we’d never be away from the G.P Surgery.

wishing you a speedy recovery

Pauline xxx


Hi Cath,

Hope you are feeling better, just goes to show you shouldn’t blame everything on ms.

I think we are all guilty of it. Don’t you think it’s a lot easier to blame ms? Saves you having to go to the bother of making a Drs appointment. That’s an ordeal in itself, trying to get an appointment that is convenient to you, and with a Dr you recognise. In my casei have to have an appointment first thing in the morning so my husband can take me before his work.

i must admit I am not a great fan of Drs, so don’t go very much.

Take care

Mags xx


Thanks. I feel great now. It’s marvellous what 2 bags of blood can do to you. I blame it on still not getting a hang of this ms lark, thinking that I had fatigue but mostly a fear of that horrible feeling I had before dx, of being treated like a hypochondriac. Any of you feel like that sometimes? And I’m not a fan of the doctor or just bothering anyone.

In future folks I think I might just see my gp if I feel unwell and was trying to encourage you to do the same thing. Take care.

Cath xx

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Oh Cath, good job the pharmacist was on the ball, but sometimes its difficult to know what’s what, and like you, I very rarely visit the gp, don’t like bothering people.

I think we should all learn a lesson from your warning, so glad you feel better.

Pam x


Goes to show that our medical agencies do get things right, well done to them. Glad you’re feeling better- enjoy it!

you’ve reminded me that I need to get a blood test done for my next meds review. We have to keep an eye on my sodium levels in particular.

K x


Hi Cath,

Sorry to hear your news but glad you are feeling better.

sorry for late reply but couldn’t get on forum again yesterday…gremlins again I think!

Nina x

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Hi Cath - glad to hear you are feeling better. Anaemia is difficult to spot. I remember - in the old days - it was picked up on me when I went to give blood. I just thought that I was terribly unfit as I was breathless after climbing the stairs. So with all our MS symptoms it is even worse to recognise it.

Take care now, and thanks for the warning.

Jackie xx


You poor soul! Glad your feeling better though!

Hope everyone keeps well this weekend xxxx



Oh Cath it’s a lesson we can all learn… but honestly it is so difficult with MS that you can’t really tell when something else is wrong. I think we’ve all done it at one time or another.

Glad all that lovely blood is making you feel better!!! Cath the Vampire!!!

Have a good weekend… and whatever you do don’t beat yourself up over it. Wasn’t your fault Cath. We would all assume it was MS causing the problems.

Pat xx


Hi cath.

i think a lot of us do it,i know i do…pleased you are feeling better with the blood you have had.

J x