Cautionary tale...

Hello all,

I’m just about getting over what has been an awful few weeks that I can blame squarely on MS and its peripheral ramifications.

About six weeks ago when the carer pushed my shower chair into the shower I asked for it to be positioned near the wall to be able to control the onoff switch myself. Unfortunately I decided to have a spasm and kicked the wall, the result momentarily like a scene from Psycho…
It was nothing that a plaster couldn’t solve or so I thought as the bruising grew more intense.
The district nurse who came to administer to my ulcer on the other foot recommended that I go see a doctor about it but I didn’t.
The following week she said the same thing but I waited several days until I was having a week’s respite in the hospice when I did see a doctor. He looked at it and suggested that nothing was broken so just wrapped up a bit.
The following week at home the district nurse took one look at it and said that she didn’t like it and phoned the doctor who also didn’t like it and sent me to hospital where I was for 13 days chopping off the top of my second toe in the process.

I came home for five days each day being tended by the district nurses when again Alicia said that she didn’t like the look of it and once more called the doctor and again sent me to hospital where I was for the further 10 days the remainder of the toe being removed.

I can’t praise any of the medical staff highly enough as they all work their socks off but nevertheless it was an awful, awful experience and mindblowingly boring, with a host of mobility problems attached to our symptoms.

Thank goodness I have a loving caring wife to look after me now I am back home.

The moral of the story is don’t procrastinate, investigate.

Merry Christmas.

Regards, Stephen

NB when I was talking to the district nurse who came to clean it today I mentioned about being aware of the void and still feeling a little traumatised by the whole experience. She said “would you like some counselling?”

As if…

gosh what a thing, but do you have diabetes as this would cause a massive infection. glad you home now though. x

Sounds an absolute nightmare for you. Hope there are no more nasty surprises,

Happy Christmas,