Going back to work with MS??

Hello new person here. My mum was diagonosed with MS almost 14 years ago now. From what i can remember (i was only little) she just very suddenly couldn’t walk and my dad, brothers and I were told she wasn’t very well. I have always looked up to my mum as she relearnt how to walk after her diagnosis. She was told that she would be in a wheelchair within 3 years…well she still on her feet!! with a walking stick but on her own feet still :slight_smile: she went back to work 10 years ago in a supermarket and she loved it unfortunatly a year a go she went really downhill and had to give up work again. She is a lot better now she has readapted to having this new foot/ankle support thing. Being at home all the time is driving her insane. She is now ready to go back to work but keeps shying away due to the MS as she doesn’t know what to go for.

Can anyone on here please give some suggestions of jobs that you are able to do that have been altered slightly for the illness. She has no industry specific skills but learns quite quickly and I am currently teaching her basic computer skills i.e Word, excell.

Thank you for any suggestions that you are able to provide.


All credit to your mum.

May I suggest she approaches the Disability Employment Advisor (DEA) at your local jobcentre, who should be able to offer advice on the types of roles that people with disabilities have found useful and will also have an idea on local employers who are ‘disabled friendly’.

They can offer support on updating skills including applicable training.

I hope this is useful.

take care


Thank you Neil I had no idea that there was an adviser just for people with disabilities. I shall let my mum know and hopefully we’re have her working again soon

Hello, may I say what a wonderful daughter you are, to take all this trouble to help your dear mum out.

She is lucky to have you and yes, you are lucky to have her!

There are people at the Job Centre, who deal with jobs for the less abled.

I am sure there will be employers happy to employ your mum.

But make sure she doesn`t take on too much, yeh?

luv Pollx