Giving up work.


Five years ago, I had to give up work. Thinking back, some of the issues still bother me. It is difficult for people to understand but we often get some insensitive responses. Any way here is part of my account.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Eeee Steve lad! I did enjoy reading that blog!

One or two words remain alien to me, as I wasnt educated to the same standard as yourself, but I get your drift.

I too, went through that same feeling of How the hell will I cope, manage my finances and time once retired early through this dratted early retirement on ill health mallarky!

I past through that wall in 2000, to live on the other side.

I`d been brought u with a good work ethic…you went to work and held your head up.

My disability has always been visible, due to needing a stick and a wheelchair pretty early on.

Its a bugger if youve nowt to show and folk look at you with that Why arent you working? frown.



hi steve

your blog is fantastic.

i could relate to a great deal of it.

the quote by Jim Royle is “my arse”!

carole x




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Great blog. Very eloquent as it should be from a teacher.

Thanks for sharing it.

Best Wishes