Giving up work.

Some of us have been through the giving up work process…It’s hard. Here’s my account:

Best wishes, Steve.

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It is a hard decision Steve, one that I also kept putting off, until the doctor got really firm with me, and I gave in. Years on from that day, I realise it was the right decision for me, but for some time after I definitely had the feeling of failure, but common sense eventually prevails, and you realise just how much you were struggling.

Ms truly sucks, it just keeps taking and taking, such a selfish beast, but hey we rise against it and still make life worthwhile.

Great blog, as usual, even though it was sad, but one door shuts…and another opens.

Pam x


I read your blog Steve and it made me cry I really felt for you. It’s so hard giving up the things that we love. I found that I identified with pretending to be be normal, the fatigue is unbelievable it’s so hard to describe to anyone else, you did so well holding down your teaching job whilst battling the Ms. Those young people were so fortunate to have you as their year 6 teacher. Sorry about any spelling mistakes I am writing from a tablet but spelling and punctuation was never a strength. I’m starting to feel worried now knowing that you are a former teacher. Keep up with the blogs Steve I really love reading them. Michelle


Hi Steve,

Just to say I agree completely with Pam and Michelle. Been there done that, still wearing the T-shirt - well, just some of the time now that the years have passed. So very quickly. I don’t know now how I found the time to work. No work related stress, no getting up sharp in the morning, no travelling to and from work 30 miles away. No getting home at least at 7 p.m. every day. Just reading the morning paper in bed with a mug of tea. Oh! Decisions, decisions every day. “Shall I have another half hour in bed or another mug of tea?”

Good luck. We all need it, don’t we? Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy your freedom. Living all those ups and downs. Wishing you well and keep on blogging please.



very well written.

it made me cry but in a good way, it was poignant and very few people understand what fatigue and a chronic illness do to you. I felt I went through it alone, so I really walked through the story with you…quite cathartic.

i do agree with Bonnie Annie … far better to face the dilemma of a cup or tea or a game of candy crush or even both before getting up … lol


Steve, I don’t know how you kept going as long as you did. I had to leave teaching because of stress years ago, long before MS. That you even managed to get up in the morning and get yourself in to school amazes me. Maximum respect.

Not all of us are lucky enough to earn a living from something as totally rewarding as teaching, but whatever it is we do tends to be what defines us, and when we stop it’s tough to find a new identity. “what do you do?” becomes a question to be dreaded. There’s no shorthand anymore; instead of saying ‘I’m a teacher’ there’s the problem of deciding how much detail to give to explain who you are now- if we even know ourselves. Not sure I do anymore, but just striving to keep my mind active and be creative like you do with your blog.