Gilenya (Fingolimod)

Hello All,

I've been taking Tysabri for over 2 years and I feel like I'm not getting any benefits from it anymore. My Prof agrees and has offered me Gilenya. A tablet a day, no more 4 weekly trips to London. Sounds great.

Are any of you lot on it? If so, have you had any positive benefits from it?

I know that 3 months in on Tysabri, my bladder greatly improved and my fatigue minimalised.




Hi ya

My neuro is considering this for me so I'd be interested of anyones experiences too....

Debbie xx


The MSRC are running Gilenya diaries on their forum and might be worth a look.

I have been taking Gilenya for the last year - I think it is great - I have had no relapses or progression

When I started taking it I had some chest pain but this passed and I don't currently have any side effects

Good luck with whatever you decide

Thanks to you both happy2

I shall have a look at those diaries on MSRC too.

Debbie xx