Please if there is anyone on fingolimod (Gilenya) would you tell me how you have found being on this drug.I had over 2 years of tysabri but stopped under advice of neuro.many thanks.Tara

Hi, I have been on Gilenya for 4wks. All seems good:-) although early days!!!


I was on Fingolimod for two years from 2009 to 2011-it was during the drug trial.I found out afterwards that i was on the drug and not the placebo.Then I was on no treatment at all and since September 2011 I’ve been on Gilenya.So in total,I’ve been taking it for three and a half years.I am well,no real problems with side effects.I have had some new symptoms,but they weren’t classed as relapses.I hope to carry on taking this drug for years to come.

You might find this site useful:

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Take care,Brenda x