Getting very nervous

I have my appointment with the consultant on Monday pm and I am getting very nervous.

I will create a list of questions but what can I expect from the appointment?

Trying not to expect answers but it is hard not to.
What is the normal length of the appointment? Do they do tests there?

You need to be a bit clearer about where you are on your journey and who you are seeing.

If it was a Neurology consultant you should have a short history of your symptoms and whether they come and slowly recover or if they slowly deteriorate over time. You should expect a thorough physical examination with tests of balance, mobility and reactions.
if you have had an MRI this may be discussed, but the history and physical examination are probably more important.
You should be given the opportunity to ask questions, but keep to a few.
Approach it with as an open mind as possible and try to distill the history of symptoms to the most salient points (you can always elaborate if they ask for more details).
If possible take someone with you as an extra pair of ears as there will be a lot to take in.
I would expect it be at least half an hour, but how it is handled will be different in different places. More tests may be scheduled to clarify what the consultant finds. For example in my case there was an additional MRI and then the discussion on DMTs was with my MS Nurse.
Going in prepared should help with the nerves and help you get the most out of it.

thank you crb
I have had a Mri showing appearances of demyelination involving trigeminal nerve and additional white matter lesions.
I am seeing a Neurology consultant.

I had face numbness that has now gone. Apart from that I dont have any history of symptoms I can think of. I am 57 and over the years I have had general things but nothing I can relate but maybe the consultant can.

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Hi Teddy bear, do you get facial pain? I am awaiting Head MRI results and one of my worst symptoms is facial pain which feels like excruciating tooth ache. It can be sudden and short lived or prolonged. This symptom started nearly two years ago and has its frequency increased in last few months. I don’t know if it’s the nerve or a muscle spasm. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it.

I was told in April that i had trigeminal neuralgia.

Gp gave me medicine that i did not take.

Mri confirmed i have demyelination to the trigeminal nerve

But i have not had pain, started with numbness then coldness. Steriords took that away.

I can feel the nerve. Sometimes hard to sleep on it but not normal TN pain.

Did you doctor say you have TN?

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They haven’t given any affirmative diagnosis, I said ’ you don’t think it is ms ?’ and he said if it’s ms we will cross that bridge when we know. That is the only question I have asked. I just go and say what symptoms, they do tests, scans etc and then I wait.

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You have a much better mindset to me.

I google everything and that just makes me worry more.

Well… I read everything on this forum so not sure if that’s great for my mindset lol, I am just not great at knowing what questions to ask that will help me at this point :see_no_evil:

My dentist too told me I have TN. He asked me to show him where the numbness is.
when did you have your MRI?

13th July so not that long ago. And at least it’s nothing ‘life threatening’ cause I would have heard something.

I called the doctors to see if results are back. If in UK sometimes you have online access. I need to get my online access started.

I am in theUK. Didn’t know about online access .

yes you can see basic information online but if you want to see full information, test results etc you need to go to doctors and fill in form.

Well TeddyBear1,. Today I received a letter from GP to make a routine telephone appointment to discuss a letter from the hospital. No further information. It’s things like that that get the mind wandering :see_no_evil:. Rational me saying that everything must have been normal and they are going to clarify that and to save an appointment could they not have just written it in the letter. And then the irrational me saying , 'hmmmm I wonder… '. So my mindset is sliding at the moment :rofl:


I like the routine appointment comment.

Not urgent so hopefully thats good news.

I really do feel sorry for people who have waited so long.

Exactly this, and I haven’t been waiting long not, even two weeks if I can get an appointment on Monday! How are you today?

Been busy this morning, at a swimming gala with daughter so no time to think.

But anything little thing i panic and think its a sign of MS. Yesterday i had a twitching eyebrow and sure a sign of MS.

Mainly i have no symptoms at all.

Not normally a panicky person but this has really got me. Knowing i do have a problem with my brain.

Good to try and keep busy. Hope the rest of your day is good with no more eyebrow twitches. :slightly_smiling_face: