I am very scared

I was sent for an MRI by an ENT consultant 4 months ago. When I got my results it said a few ovoid hyperdense lesions were noted and MS should be excluded with further tests. I do have symptoms such as really bad balance problems, severe back and foot pain, poor memory, numbness in three fingers tingling sensation in my arms. I have an appointment to see a neurologist but it is a fair way off yet. I was ok until someone said to me you don’t get hyperdense lesions with MS they are a symptom of a brain tumour. I just don’t know what to do. I am depressed at the best of times now I can’t see the point in going on like this especially if what I have is a brain tumour. Can anyone please helpe


What an awful thing for that person to say. Try and forget it (easier said than done I know) and keep mentally busy. Your Neuro should be the MS and brain expert not an ENT consultant or anyone else. There are many not scary things it could be.

Take care and be positive. You can do it girl.

Tippy x

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Unless the person who made that comment to you is a consultant radiologist whose everyday job is interpreting MRI images, their unhelpful opinion is worthless.

Are you having any treatment for your depression? I would advise that you talk with your GP about your feelings, and let a trusted friend or relative know that you’re worrying a lot about what your scan may show.

best wishes

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if a neuro found anything as sinister as that, s/he would contact you immediately. ring the consultant’s secretary and pass a message to him/her. also tell your gp because having had the idea planted in your head you need support in dealing with it.


Thank you so much x