MRI Results - NOT MS

Thought I’d post this here as a lot of people are familiar with MRI (my partner has MS and I do post here)

I had an MRI recently and have just had the results.

The consultant was an ENT person. Anyway he viewed the results on a screen, said nothing, and I thought he was going to tell me I had a brain tumour. After a while he said, well you’re probably normal.

He then went to show me some small shadows on my brain on the screen, he said we all have them and get more as we age. But I have more than was normal for my age. He then said if it was him he would not pursue it further, it is probably just because you have been here for nearly 6 decades. He said the consultant neuro at the hospital where my partner goes for MS would not be interested in them. He also said that the radiographer, who thought I should have more scans, was probably over reporting. He then told me that the original purpose of the scan (to do with ears) was clear.

Now I came home and googled shadow on MRI, and I’m not happy with the results.

So question is: should I insist on seeing a neuro? Should I be concerned?

Funnily enough it was an ENT consultant who first viewed my partners MRI, he just said that he was not happy with the results and thought he should see a neuro. Hence the MS dx. I am happy that the shadows are nothing like MS and I dont have that concern. And I’m probably normal…