Getting very agitated


I am very agitated at the moment.  I had an MRI in April which showed several lessions.  They can't fully diagnose me until November when I have my next MRI.  I am pretty sure that I am in the middle of a  relapse at the moment.  The paradox is,  I can't get any treatment i.e. steroids, as I haven't been fully diagnosed.

What should I do?  Should I insist that I have the MRI earlier?  Go and get a private MRI?  How much do they cost?

Any advice would be really helpful.




I had steroids without being diagnosed. Talk to your GP about prescribing you some to try. Good luck!

You could get a private MRI, but it will cost an arm and leg, there is also the report sending to your neuro. You could find the same person sees to private as nhs.
Push your neuro, ring the secretary, pester you GP…etc
I don’t see what they can’t dx yo from 1scan. They did me with MRI & LP.
Good luck and sorry. Ant I’ve you more info


Thanks, really appreciate your feedback.  I'm finding things really difficult at the moment.  I should have been diagnosed four and a half years ago when I had Optic Neuritis but was never referred to a neurologist or sent for an MRI and they only very briefly discussed MS.  So, I am really annoyed about that.  

They know that it's MS,  I know it's MS.  So it is all really frustrating.  I can understand why they want to wait but ...

Thank you very much for your feedback.  I will go the Doctors tomorrow.  I have sent the secretary an email.  Hopefully she will get back to me next week.

Thanks, Adrian

p.s. do the steroids work btw?  and at what dose?

I had 3 infusions of steroids in hospital, thy did the trick, they reduced the swelling on my brain, I didn’t look life the tefal scientist any more. I know they o in table form too. Sorry I don’t know the dosages.

Going private isn’t always a big help - my MRI cost about £700 (insurance paid) and my consultant did diagnose on the one MRI plus my history (it was pretty obvious in my opinion!). I’m now back with the NHS as insurance doesn’t cover a ‘chronic’ condition, and I’ve got to go through everything again before they’ll give me any DMDs! That’s full bloods, chest X-ray and another MRI! I’m still arguing about the lumbar puncture!

MRI is on 31st and the rest is done, but we’re looking at another month or two for a follow up anyway. So frustrating!

It might have given me some false hope of a misdiagnosis, but my private consultant was adamant it’s MS and my critical illness insurance companies agreed!

I would see your GP for steroids - there’s no reason why they can’t do something - and chase for your MRI to be quicker.

Hope it goes well

Thanks Mike.  Feel better. Went for a long walk (I should imagine i'm very lucky) and the sun actually came out, which was a joy.

Sounds like you have a lot going on.  The tefal scientist look is all the rage I hear.  :)


... and Emma too.

If you have new symptoms, I would go to your GP and get them to do the fighting for you. Good luck.