New Diagnosis / How to deal with NHS

Hi everyone,

My name is Hector, I’m a spanish IT freelance living currently in London.

I had my first MS attack one year ago where I lost the sensibility in the left side of my body (leg and hip) and I had big numbness in my right hand.

I stayed in a hospital for a week, taking steroids and 1 month later all symptoms had almost disappeared.

At that time, doctors did a lumbar punction and everything was ok, and brain + spin MRI, that evidenced an inflammation on the spinal cord.

6 months later I did another full MRI and the injury in the spin had gone but a new one appeared in the brain. Doctors said it was really small so they asked me to take another MRI 6 month later.

Well, even before I could take another MRI, I just started feeling numbness in my feet 3 days ago. The feeling is getting worse and it is making hard to walk. I’m just working from home during these days.

I went to NHS hospital (as an urgency), and they told me they couldn’t do anything, GP’s job. Ok.

I have an apoinment this friday with my GP (I just got registered yesterday), but I went yesterday to a private neurologist that basically said “90% sure you have MS”, and I got a prescription to take steroids for 5 days, as well as a referral to make a new Brain + Spin MRI.

Now, the question guys is, if I do the MRIs my self I’ll end up paying 1000 pounds. However, that’s is not what worries me. What I’m worried about is, how can I manage to start with the treatment and to have NHS paying for that treatment?

I’m thinking about doing this:

  • Take the steroids now, as the attack is getting worse.

  • Do the MRI my self one I’ve finished with the steroids.

  • Go back to the private neurologist with the MRI results and get a prescribed treatment from him (referral for my GP).

  • Take that referral to the GP, and expect him to send me to the proper hospital to start getting the treatment ???

Please, any help would be really appreciated, It’s only 6 months since I’m living here and everything is turning into a nightmare.

Thanks !!

Hi Hector,

So sorry you are having such a tough time, especially away from your original country. I hope that other things are going better.

I’m afraid I’m not the right person to advise you as I’m very new to all this and not diagnosed myself, but just wanted to say “hi”.

There are people on the forum who are very knwledgable and may be able to help you.

Usually the GP makes all referrals, private or NHS and may be the best person to talk to.

Take care and I hope you get things sorted soon.


Hi again Hector,

I see you have got lots of helpful answers on your other thread.

Best wishes,