Getting used to left foot acceleration

Hello all.

I’ve not posted here for a long time but come and read posts from time to time.

I’m getting a motability car this week. Has anybody got any advice with regards to getting used to driving an automatic with left foot please?

I’ve been told I have secondary progressive. Have lost grip in right hand. Can’t hold a mug of tea and have no control over right foot.

But I’m grateful I can still drive for now. Walking is with a stick when out.

I forgot to add an update. I don’t work now and get PIP.

I changed MS nurses and although I’ve yet to meet my new nurse, it’s a comfort she is there for referrals to other treatments.

I am generally OK. I have two small dogs and live in Birmingham.

I eat with my left hand and have learnt to do my makeup with left hand.

I can no longer walk properly. I manage to get round Lidl by leaning on trolley. I also go for bike rides in the summer.

Husband bought me an ebike.

I broke my leg in 2019 and still not recovered.


Have you had an assessment at a driving mobility centre? They can advise you on hand controls and adaptations, and you can try them out. You can find your nearest centre here, or google ‘forum of mobility centres’ - Find a centre - Driving Mobility
I think the cost of them is heavily subsidised with Motability, and potentially free.

Good luck :slight_smile: