Car adaptations

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on this.

Currently I’m still driving a normal, manual car. But I sometimes (on warm days, as I’m heat sensitive) feel that this may not be possible for too much longer. I have no problems with operating a clutch, although my left leg is the weakest when walking, it’s more the right leg that can cause me concern when driving if I’m too warm or fatigued from plodding around.

My neurologist advised me to get an automatic next time. But I don’t actually think that would help - it takes no burden from my right leg, which is the problem.

Has anyone had a similar situation and do you have a suggestion as to adaptations and their cost?

A frustration is that I don’t qualify for the mobility schemes at garages as I am just on the standard rate of PIP. Even though I rely 100% on my car, I can’t benefit from the schemes as I can manage to walk fifty metres at a time with my poles.

Lapwing, I drive a car on fully manual controls. I was surprised at how easy I found it. Of course, it is automatic, which leaves me one hand to steer ( with a ‘mushroom’ fitted to the steering wheel to help me) and a lever at about 4 o’clock which is push away to brake and pull to open the throttle. It sounds scary but it’s not. The car has cruise control, which means that once we’re out on the open road I can use both hands on the wheel.

I did qualify for Motability when all this was set up, so you might have to see if you can change your PIP. There’s no formal qualification to allow you to drive on hand controls, but I did have an aptitude test at one of Motability’s associated locations, and was out driving around Welwyn in the rush hour an hour after my first tentative efforts. They are checking for your cognitive driving skills as well as the practicalities of driving on hand controls.

My main problems with driving are being uncomfortable in the seat after an hour or so, otherwise I could drive all day like I used to.

look on line or in the disability magazines for info about Motability road shows and get along to one if you can. They will also be very helpful if you just ring up for advice- they are desperate to help people.

Kev x

Thank you very much for this advice Kev - this is really helpful!

I realise you may not qualify for the scheme, but the Motability site has stacks of information on adaptations and will give an idea of what is possible. Also, air conditioning sounds like a must for you.

I hope you find a solution

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Yes - air conditioning would be an extremely good idea! Particularly as the driver’s window on my beloved Polo has become totally unreliable. I feel that my Polo and I have ever more in common as time goes on - bits that don’t quite work as they should…

Many thanks for the links - that’s great.