Getting over a bad episode

Hello all. I’m just getting over a really bad spell. The scariest bits were numbness on left side of face ( the same feeling as when you have anaesthetic injection at the dentist); loss of use of left arm and left leg. The leg and arm thing has happened before, but not for a while so was a bit scary. I was just hoping that sensation would come back. Thankfully, it has, even though. It still feels a bit ‘distant’? Left leg is a lot better though very stiff still. Another thing, my bladder always goes into Hyper mode when symptoms are bad, constantly up and down the stairs for a wee. This time it caught me unawares and , well, you can guess. I didn’t feel any sensation of needing to go. I’m wondering if that’s worth mentioning to the doc? It’s been ok since, it has happened before some months ago. Today I’m not too bad, tired ( which I usually am) but I’m resting as I need to go to a parents evening so I’m conserving energy for that. That’s me, hope everyone is having a good day xx