Getting my head round it

Hi all

I am 59 years old and have been undergoing investigation into a tremor in my left hand.I have had it for at least a year but ignored it until it became troublesome.

I went to my GP in January and was given Propananol and referred for a CT scan.The scan results showed some age related changes so I was referred for an MRI.

I also had various blood test which were all normal.

I went to GP for the MRI results and she told me that I have Chronic MS and have probably had it for a long time.I have been referred to a Neurologist but told to expect a wait to see them.

The Propananol did not help so am no longer taking it. I have had a problem with my left leg for some years but not really taken much notice of it but it now seems to be related to the MS.

THis has been a total shock to be told this as I had no idea that I might have it.

Sorry for the long post

I understand completely that this must have shocked you, it does take some time to reconcile yourself. But for, probably a lot of years, you’ve been managing very well, it’s just that now you have a name to call it, so I’d pretty much expect you’ll continue to be the same.

Try not to worry now, sometimes worry can make your symptoms feel much worse. You’ll probably have quite a wait for your neuro appointment so perhaps spend some time acquainting yourself with MS & learning what options may be available for you. You’ll find a huge fount of knowledge on this forum. Make a note of various symptoms you may have & any questions you want to ask the neuro, the appointments are usually short so you need to make the most of the time you’re allocated.

Don’t forget, although it was a shock, you’re still the same as the day before you were told

Good luck

Rosina x

Thanks for posting Rosina

I know I am no different now than I was on Friday before the GP visit but it is hard not to think about it.

I need to know what I am dealing with I guess.

I spoke to someone at the Doctors yesterday and she was helpful as It seemed odd to be diagnosed before I had seen the Neuro but there does not seem to be any doubt in her opinion.

I have got a couple of holidays booked for this year so I thought I better contact my travel insurers in case I had any problems and that made it seem even more real IYKWIM !