Going through diagnosis

Hi all. I’m just looking for a bit of support. I’m 24,from Scotland. Female. I’ve had essential tremor in my hands since I was 13,was diagnosed with essential tremor in 2012. Since then, my tremor has got progressively worse, but all that’s been done is an upped dosage of Propranolol. I went back to my GP in September of this year as tremor getting horrendous. She got me a referral to neurology. I subsequently have noticed my vision has got worse over the last 6 months, went for eye test and optician spotted nerve damage in the optic nerve, I was sent to Hairmyers eye clinic the next day where Optic Neuritis was diagnosed. I saw the neurologist yesterday. Mentioned all this, as well as other symptoms which have got progressively worse- stiff muscles, muscle spasms and weakness, numbness, loss of balance and grip, constant pins and needles, headaches, muscle pain, bowel and bladder problems. He was surprised by the optic neuritis, and the responses I gave to tests he carried out. And then mentioned MS, I am having a full brain and spinal cord MRI. I don’t want to get myself worked up but I have researched MS and it does look very likely. I did have glandular fever at 17. Does anybody have any advice? Many thanks X

hello rhi

glandular fever often leads to epstein barr virus which is associated with auto immune diseases of which ms is one.

that isn’t to say that you have ms, i wouldn’t be so irresponsible but it may help you prepare for a diagnosis.

good luck.

and if the worst comes to fruition, remember that ms is not a death sentence.

live your life is the best piece of advice i received.

make it a good one.

carole x

Hi Carole. Yes, done plenty of research into MS, so I am mentally prepared for if it IS that. Even if it is, I will live my life the way I intend to, diagnosis or not. Thank you so much X