14 months on...

Hi all,

Firstly, I can’t believe that it was over a year ago that I wrote my first post detailing the symptoms I was having and my first trip to the GP. A lot, but hardly anything, has happened since then! The GP I saw did a range of blood tests, all of which were fine apart from the anaemia ones (normal for me!). By the time I went back for the results (a week later), the GP had left the surgery and I had to start again with a new doctor, who insisted on redoing the tests.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I ended up having major surgery (unexpectedly) and so everything else kind of took a bask seat.

Fast forward through my recovery from surgery, and I find out that the GP I now have has also left the practise, so I am onto GP number three! He looked through all the tests and put in a referral to a neurologist. I then waited about 7 weeks for my appointment, which was this morning.

I was nervous going in, but anxious to get things sorted. The doctor listened as I described my main symptom (tremor), asked whether it runs in my family (it doesn’t) and then mentioned that it was probably just Essential Tremor which, although incurable, is manageable. Then I mentioned my visual disturbances (flashing lights) and problems with balance, he did a range of physical tests - checking balance with heel-to-toe walking (really wobbly but stayed upright), reflexes (showed a “repeated movement” where after the initial twitch, the twitch repeated a couple of times - and a bit of an exaggerated response in places). I then had to hold my thumb and index fingers in an “o” shape while the doctor tried to break the “o” (my left hand was weaker).

Finishing the exam, he has referred me for an MRI scan, and has prescribed Gabapentin to try and reduce the tremor. He was quite vague in what could be causing my symptoms - in fact, the only thing he really said was that he was certain it wasn’t Parkinson’s Disease.

Does his treatment route suggest he is thinking MS? I am not a user of Google when it comes to health, so I have no experience in what the next steps would be - is an MRI normal? Were my responses to the physical exam normal??

Thanks for any advice!

Su x

It sounds like you are on track for a diagnosis, Su. Please bear in mind though that the MRI may not bring the answers immediately. I know from experience that the process can be a long and frustrating one. (To clarify, I currently have a diagnosis of FND but have been referred back to neurology. They have not, as yet, satisfactorily ruled out MS for me). The best advice I can give is to focus on things you enjoy and if you need to talk, this forum is wonderful! There are so many on here with so much more experience and grounded common sense. Wishing you all the best :heart: