Getting muddled and confused

Hi everyone
I went to pick up my prescription from Pharmacy attached to my medical center and it had not come through, this is quite common as I forgot to order one month and this seems to roll on. Last month it seemed to have sorted itself out but once more my drugs (Gabapentin) weren’t available to me. I was convinced that they would run out today. When I looked at my stash (I restock weekly pill cassette on Sundays) there was a weeks supply still there. How embarrassing, I’ll send a text message to the Medical Centre with my apologies, I’m definitely getting more confused. I know that some of it can be put down to MS, and I fear that the drugs I have to take and my age (66) will have contributed but it’s scary all the same. I’ll be stepping up online memory tests but am open to suggestions from someone who can advise on other ways I can free myself from brain fog. Thanks for anyone who replies to this post.

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Hi there!
I used to get my night and day meds muddled. Then I got a Carousel automatic pill dispenser. I got it through a Social Worker’s assessment.

It goes off (rings) 3 times a day and wont stop til I take the correct meds. I cant make an error now.


Hi The pill carousel which Bouds uses is great but wont help you to remember to order your meds.

I work in a pharmacy and it happens all the time - the staff will be used to it so dont worry.

Depending on your pharmacy and Doctors - they can do the trays up for you and automatically order the meds that you take regular, have a chat with the staff.

Or if your meds are a regular prescription the Doctors can set it up for a repeat dispensing, usually for 6 or 12 months if you are stable and not likely to change, again chat to to staff or Doctors, Ali

Thank you Act 1, I do use a pill cassette and that works really well, I’ll have a word with surgery about setting something up with them, thank you for the suggestion.