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Hi folks Because my legs are awfully stiff, always stiff, although sometimes more so than others I Don’t find it that easy to get into the car. If im a passenger,well there is someone else there to help so thats ok. It’s when I’m the driver, I have to sit down and then try to grab my legs and swing them in, but sometimes they go straight before they get in and then they don’t go in and I am back to square one again! I drive a vauxhall Zafira and the seats are fairly high and I’m not very tall so that does not help. Next time I get a new car I may get one with lower seats which might help a little. But, anyway, is this a problem for anyone else and any tips to help me. Thanks Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Cant help you, and i am trying to find somthing whitty to reply to you sadly fussy brain has me beat.

Or maybe the football team i support can help,your team now look safe.

Hope somone else can help.

Take Care.


I have seen a flat cushion thingy which goes on the car seat and allows the seatee(?) to swivel once they are sat sitting. Also, getting off a wheelchair and into a car it helps if the window is down a few inches, so I’ve got something to swing on as I’m getting in. As for high seats and low legs praps parking next to ‘nice’ kerbs would help, or maybe have a low step like thing which you could lift into the car before you shut the door and do one.


Ihad a qashqai which was good for getting in and out,then I found it harder to lift my leg to get into qashqai,and end of that,I have now got a focus,which is better for me,but it deffo is a quandry,wot to get,all i can suggest is go to a lot of showrooms and try and get in and out cars

lol i also have to do the leg grab trick… my first leg goe in fine but the second seems to only ever make it as high as the edge and get stuck! So I usually lift it with my hands n swing it!

Hi Cheryl,

I haven’t worked in the car industry for a long time now,so a bit out of touch, but maybe have a look at the VW Golf Plus or Ford Focus Cmax? From what I remember, the driving position is similar to the Zafira, but maybe not so high. The Smart Fortwo is a good height, you wouldn’t fit your wheelchair in, but I think that they now do a four seat model which may have a bigger boot. I had the two seater and liked it, but my circumstances changed and I had to get a bigger car.

Good luck,

Luisa x

So I have an almost non-functional left leg/dropped foot. Could get in, but both feet were on the right side of the foot-well and I could not move the left one across.
I have looked at MPVs, hoping that the upright driving position would help, but hit the problem about not being able to sit in the seat from outside, or get my leg into the car.

My solution was to raise the steering wheel a bit - then the knees would clear. Then I could lift the dead leg into the place I wanted it. But I still had to get in.

Got a HandyBar… This hooks into the door latch loop on the door pillar, and gives you a handle low down that you can lean on to swing the dead leg into the car. The, with the body weight more or less in the right place, you can lean on it again to swing your bottom in.

Look them up on the 'net - and you will see all sorts of prices. I got mine in Halfords for the same money I would have paid for the cheapest plus postage.


My mom had a swivel seat fitted to the in effect you sat on the seat with both feet still on the pavement,she could then lift/or hold both legs up an the seat swivelled her round to normal position in the car…It was a godsend

H and thanksi these are some really good ideas, probably no easy solution though. Luckily , there are lovely people where I work so they make sure I get out to and into my car ok and help if necessary. I might just look for a car with a lower seat next time, I’ve see the cushion things , think I will look at them in more detail, thing is my legs tend to go straight and I dismissed the cushion thing as a solution before because I thought that as I swung round on the cushion my legs would just straighten and be left outside the car, lol. Chris, as for your team isn’t it Queen of the South for you tomorrow, bit of a relegation battle, should be ok if you win. Ive still a soft spot for Raith so hope they do stay up. Aberdeen are playing away at Dunfermline tomorrow, Dunfermline haven’t won a home game all season so Aberdeen should be able to go there and win, lol. You have my permission to come on here tomorrow night and tease me if they don’t, lol Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Lets not talk about football,for your sake.Ha Ha.

May have found a solution to your problem.

Get a big tin opener and take the roof of your car.

Then you can borrow Pollx hoist to get you in and out,if she will let you.

Take Care.


Ps not sure what you can do if it starts raining,but you will not melt.

Chris, IF it starts raining? In Aberdeen? It’s the end of April, we’re still at risk of snow!

Luisa x

Hi Chris and Luisa First thing first, well done to Raith on their win today, they should stay up now. What can I say about Aberdeen lol, first home win of the season for Dunfermline. Heard the start of the match on the radio, the commentator was just saying how poor Dunfermline were, lol! As for the car, as Luisa says we’re still in danger of snow in Aberdeen, lol, hasn’t it been horrible here the last few weeks but a bit of sunshine today hopefully the weather will improve now, even if the performance of the football team doesn’t! Cheryl:-)

I have found that when any of the muscles are having a bit of a benny I need to just sit still for a few minutes (a bit like rebooting the computer!)

Luv Ann

Hi Cheryl,

When my mum had her hip replaced she was advised to put a sheet of plastic on her car seat with an ordinary cushion on top and use that to swivel her legs into the car. It worked as long as you didnt mind the squeaky noise…

Gill x

Hi Cheryl,

I have the same problem of getting in and out of a car. I now because I am higher rate mobility can have a motability car, along with it after requesting it I have a seat that revolves out and in. You can get electric one or hand ones. Have a look at motability as they also do grants for adaptions to a car.

Hope this helps.