Getting diagnosed

Hi my names euan I’m 31 from Glasgow. I have a lot of problems over the last year and I keep getting sent from dr to dr and getting no further forward. I have had numbness in my left leg most days and left arm. It some times goes upto my neck maybe once a week. I have trouble standing and walking as I’m unbalanced and if I go for a walk or even walk up stairs I end up with pains in my chest. I feel so tired all the time. My left side of my face was all dropped for a week and my left eye was all blurry too my speech was slurd as well I went to the hospital they said it wasn’t a stroke and that was it. I am going to see a Neurologists at the start of next month. I really just wanted some1 to talk to who has had the same problems. Thanks for reading my rant and I’m sorry if u don’t think I have ms but I have been tested for everything else and this is the only thing left. I just want to know what I have so I can try to have some kind of life

Hi Euan, numbness is my thing at the moment too and much as I love the sun I’m afraid the heat is making me feel worse. I’m glad that you’ve been referred to a neurologist and you should expect to have an MRI to look for possible lesions and most likely a lumbar puncture to check for something in your spinal fluid. They will also take a full history from you so it might be worth jotting down approximate dates and symptoms. A full MS diagnosis and offer of treatment is usually made after more than one significant event (for me it was optic neuritis followed by a completed numb sole of foot 8 months later) although the results from tests can indicate MS.

My way of coping through this long diagnosis process is to be pro-active where I can be. I take vit D3 suppliments (5000ui) even though my vit D test came back fine; I read that ginger is a really effective anti-inflammatory and have found that when I’m feeling particularly weak a ginger tea definitely perks me up. There are some specific diets for MS but I can’t quite face giving up meat yet. Turmeric, cinnemon and ginger are all good anti-inflammatories, so we have a lot of curries in our household (always did to be honest!)

You may not have MS, but some of what you describe sounds similar to my symptoms. Do what you can while you await further consultation and keep your chin up.

Best wishes

Larks x


I hope you don’t mind me being on here and asking a few questions.

I was diagnosed with ME about 4 years ago, (after a severe salmonella infection 6 years ago) and more recently with fibro-myalgia about 18 months ago. Im worried that as the symptoms are similar in many ways to MS, that there may be something else going on; my memory and cognitive issues are getting worse. I’ve spoken to my doctor (I always seem to bright and bubbly on the day that I see her - sods law) she sends me for blood tests which always seem to come back ‘normal’. I have been referred to a neurologist in the past, the most recent appointment was with a lady doctor, who spoke to me like I was a naughty child and made no secret of the fact that she thought I was wasting her time. What do I do?

hi Euan,

i hope you get sorted asap, im waiting to go back to my GP after negative bloods and NCS,

my main issue is numbness too and tightening around my ankle, i understand how you feel,

as i was hopeing when i had bloods etc done that they would say ‘this is the cause’ but not too be…

but whatever our symptoms are we need to know, to move on

good luck and hopefully you’ll be sorted soon

Thanks larks for all the great advice I drink a lot of herb tea so will add some ginger to them. I’m trying my best to keep my chin up but I just feel like people think I’m just making all this up cause it’s like every couple of weeks something new starts or I get tests back saying I’m ok. I know there’s something wrong just want to know what. Thanks for the msg suzie I have had the same kind of problems with doctors as u. I got sent to a Neurologists in November and he did a physical exam of me and he said there was nothing wrong with me. At the time I only had numbness in my leg. I have been waiting for an appointment to go back for 3 weeks and I still haven’t heard anything so I have gave up with the nhs and have booked to go private I know it’s a lot of money to do this but my local hospitail is so badly run it could be November before I get seen and I can’t wait that long. Just keep going to the same doc and they will soon get fed up seeing u and will send u for more and more tests till u get to the bottom of it. Thanks again larks and suze it’s been great to be able to talk to someone about this xxx

Hey Ewan have you had your b12 level checked??