Scared and worried about tests and outcome.

Hello there, My mum has had MS for the last 22 years and is now in secondary progressive stage of the illness, now i’m a carer along with my dad. Over the last 4 years or so I have had some episodes of worrying symptoms, starting with numbness in the end of my tongue which lasted for about 4-6 weeks. This happened again about 18 months ago. Then about 2.5 years ago I had numbness in my left foot, just the first three toes again about 3-4 weeks. I’ve recently had numbness in my left hand little finger and the two next to it. I have extreme tiredness that comes and goes, where I hurt so much it feels like I have very bad flu. I’m a user of sign language and sometimes signing for more than 30 seconds really hurts my arms. The gp finally referred me to a neurologist who did lots of tests on me last week after getting a full history. In these tests it was identified that I have loss of strength in my left leg, quite marked. Also lack of response on my left foot when run up like tickling. I’ve been sent for a blood test to rule out other things and have a brain and spine MRI booked at the end of September. The neurologist said he would write to me with results. I now wonder if he doesn’t suspect that it is MS as would he really write to me following tests if it turns out I do have it? I’m really quite concerned about the weakness issue in particular and also a double vision issue with looking to the left that he identified as well. Do these symptoms sound like MS to forum users? I feel scared of what is to come and worried that my neurologist doesn’t think that I am for real. Any advice please? Thank you.

Hi Cornflake! With your symptoms & family history I can’t imagine any doctor dismissing your symptoms as you being ‘not for real’!

But saying that they can be caused by a miriad of things - so now is not the time to jump to conclusions x

Unfortunately all you can do is wait for the MRI & results and in the meantime try not to worry x I know that’s easier said than done but stress will only make things worse xxxjenxxx

Hi, it could be something other than MS. There is a small chance of MS being passed on, but even tho` some families do have more than one person with MS, it is not generally thought of a genetic.

But having said that, you are getting the tests and investigations. If your neuro thinks there is something to be concerned about, Im sure hell tell you in person.

I know how worrying it is for you, as I was investigated for years, with no tests coming back to prove MS.

Try to get some good quality rest, eh?