Gabapentin to Lyrica


I have been on Gabapentin for 15 months at varying high doses (2400mg - 3600mg). In an ideal world I would take the max dose, but I struggle to work as it wipes me out and I get overwhelming need to sleep! Even at my current dose (2400mg) I feel my mental acuity is suffering. My neurologist suggested switching to Lyrica.

I have been transitioning for a couple of weeks (per instruction), now on 900mg gabapentin and 250mg Lyrica, with the intention of removing gabapentin entirely in another 10 days and upping the lyrica to 300mg. But, I am in far more pain. Do these two work together, or is taking both simultaneously pointless? Does it take some time for the Lyrica to take effect? I am thinking of reverting back to the gabapentin alone.

Experiences/advice would be very welcome.



Gabapentin only worked for a short time. Am on 600 -900 mg lyrica - doesn’t work either but there is some sedative effect I think, tho am unsure now because I take other meds… I can only tolerate 20-30 mg amtriptyline unfortunately. I assume I am atypical in that I have very severe pain, unmitigated by any pharmaceutical. It is very hard to explain but tho I don’t think any of it works for me, I continue, just in case without it, the pain gets even worse. Not sure about weight gain, I am pretty inactive and it is going up slowly but don’t think is down to meds. Hope it provides some pain relief for you. Susi